Monday, 26 April 2010

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!!!

I dragged myself out of bed this morning feeling a bit better after getting a good 8 hours sleep (the first in a long while!); the sun was shining beautifully after a bit of a rainy weekend; it was a lovely, crisp 10C; it was a public holiday (hence the sleep in) and I was drooling just thinking about the strawberry pancakes I was going to make for breakfast.

Whilst the pancakes were cooking, I logged onto UKS in anticipation of finding out which team won the CC overall. I didn't actually find that out as the totals were still being added up, but I did discover that one of my LOs won its class. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!!!!! What a start to the morning!!!!

Presenting the winning LO:

It was the Angel Islington class from Friday (or Saturday in my case). Angie (the class designer) picked my LO from about 165 other LOs and I certainly don't envy that task! I'm sooo chuffed as I never thought I'd win a CC with my LOs. I certainly don't do a CC with that intention at all. Especially as I don't even live in the UK! LOL

I'm now eagerly awaiting some beautiful Prima flowers from the sponsor, Creative Craft World. Thanks heaps to them, and I'll definitely show you when they arrive. :D

You know what's funny (and you could tell this from my last post!)? I found this CC to be the most disappointing in terms of motivation and mojo. I didn't really find the classes to my liking and I only completed 4 LOs compared to the 9 or 10 that I did in the previous two CCs. Moreover, I win a class with the LO that I personally liked THE LEAST! Go figure. LOL

Despite all my whinging though, I did actually enjoy myself this weekend and the most important thing was that it got me scrapping (and doing things a bit differently)! I'm now looking forward to finishing the few LOs that I started over the weekend, but never finished due to the time constraints.

Oh, and which team actually won the CC overall? My team of course - the SHIPS!! What a fantastic end to a fantastic day! LOL



Alana said...

Congrats Winnie....see you are talented!

Amanda said...

Congratulations - see I said it as a great layout. I'm glad it's cheered you up I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day and the pancakes.

sutty said...

Well done winnie - it is a gorgeous LO...and who could resist those puppy dog eyes :)

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Congrats Winnie :D Love your LO :D
Julie xx

Sian said...

Congratulations Winnie! I think it's a fab layout.

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