Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday Giggles

Welcome to another Monday Giggles! Hope you had a good weekend. Enjoy today's giggles!


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Jasmine @ 3 months

Well hello there! It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm sorry this blog has been a bit neglected. I've been out and about quite a lot lately in an effort to keep the "black dog" at bay. So far so good. When I AM at home, I'm feeding Jasmine or playing with her or trying to settle her because she doesn't want to sleep, or finally giving up and sleeping with her. That pretty much makes up about 90% of my day. The other 10% of my day comprises of feeding myself, a quick half hour or so online, cooking the evening meal and other things that would be TMI! So therefore this blog, other blog reading, forums, the numerous online scrapping/ card-making classes that I was insane to enrol in, household chores etc. have all fallen by the wayside and long since disappeared from the rear-view mirror!

But enough about that. It's that time already to give you an update on my precious little girl. Can you believe we've already hit the 3 month milestone (on Wednesday to be exact, as this post is a bit late. :D)?!?

At 3 months, Jasmine:

  • Weighs just over 6kg and is 60cm in length.

  • Likes to talk to mummy and daddy (who she had a great conversation with one day!), although her goos and gaas are few and prefers to be talked TO rather than doing the talking. We were ecstatic when during one conversation she actually copied one of our "ah goo's" - only that one time, but once was enough to make us happy! :D

  • Is starting to notice her hands more, and finding that they're great for stuffing in the mouth when tired, hungry or just because!

  • Sleeps through the night now, at least 6 hours. Yay!

  • Still feeds roughly every 4 hours, although some feeds have stretched to 6 hours. I'm still supplementing, and she's drinking between 130-150mL of formula. For the past two weeks or so she's been a bit fussy and not wanting to take the bottle from daddy which means that mummy now has to do all the feeding. :( Neither of us are happy about that, but we don't have much choice really!

  • Has big smiles when mummy and/or daddy come into view and can now watch and follow us from across the room. I'm still baffled at what she smiles at in her sleep or when attached to the breast! LOL

  • Still doesn't like tummy time, although if I catch her at just the right time, she will tolerate it for longer than 30 seconds. I even tried putting a folded up muslin wrap underneath her chest, but she still didn't like it. However, despite not having a lot of tummy time, she surprised us one day by lifting her head up to almost 90 degrees. Yay! We think it's because we give her "tummy time" in other ways such as carrying her on our shoulders a lot or putting her across our legs.

  • Has been sleeping in the pram bassinet at home, but had her first outing in the pram seat. She doesn't love it, but is happy to sit in it. It gives her the opportunity to look around and take in all the sights rather than just staring at mummy or daddy's chest when strapped in the carrier. She's had two full days in the pram now (we visited the Better Homes & Gardens Show and the Baby & Toddler Show) and was happy to sleep in the pram most of the time. People think that because the seat is molded plastic, that it's uncomfortable, but if she can sleep in it, I don't think it would be that uncomfortable otherwise she'd let us know!

  • Has graduated to wearing size 000 clothing. Onsies are still the staple outfit!

  • Goes through at least one bib a day - such a drool monster!! Not sure about all the bubble blowing though...

  • Likes to be placed in the carrier looking out now, but we swap her around again when she gets tired of all that looking around and wants to sleep.

  • Is only just starting to swipe at objects hanging in front of her, and also learning to grab/hold objects in her hand. The very first time she grabbed an object was a bit of a laugh, as it just happened to be a mushroom off daddy's plate one morning at breakfast! LOL

  • Is very animated. Her hands are always moving and kicking is a favourite exercise, especially on the change table.

  • Had her first play in a ball pit, although I'm not sure she really enjoyed it all that much! LOL

We're well and truly passed the Newborn stage and her development is starting to ramp up. Whereas she was changing weekly during her Newborn months, she's now changing almost daily! I'm not sure I can keep up! LOL

I'll leave you with a couple of really cute photos. :D


Monday, 3 October 2011

Monday Giggles

Good morning! How are we at the beginning of another week already (not to mention the beginning of October too!!)?!? Anyway, I hope today's giggle helps ease you into another Monday.


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