Thursday, 8 April 2010

Welcome to my new house!

I've been busy taking photos today so I think we're in business now!

For my first "official" post, I thought I'd give you a quick tour around our new house (as so many people have been asking about it!).  We'll have a look at the downstairs for today.

(Please excuse the watermarks over all the photos and the mess in all the rooms!  Click on the photos to get a slightly bigger view.)

So, here it is. Ta da!

What do you think?  Lovely, isn't it?  It certainly looks nicer than our old place.  It’s much airier, sunnier and wow – no immediate neighbours!  Well, the block on the left hand side has an old shack and is up for sale, so we could have neighbours in the near future.  Anyone got any funds to lend us so we can buy it? LOL

Right, well, let’s go in, shall we?

We enter the ground level via a teeny Foyer.  To the right is the Living Room, and to the left are the stairs to the second floor.

This is the Living Room.  The heater is on, but it's really not that cold.  Normally I turn the heater on so I can get the dogs to calm down and they lie quietly in front of the heater.  Obviously it's not working today as you can see they are NOT sitting on their cushions!  In fact they're nowhere to be seen ... hmmm ... must be up to some mischief!  Excuse the dog toys lying around everywhere.  I have yet to train them to put away their toys. LOL  Excuse the boxes piled up on either side of the fireplace too - we're slowly chopping them up for the recycle bin, but the bin is only so big.  If you're wondering, that's a digital piano peeking out in the bottom right hand corner.  I do play.  Sort of.  Sometimes.  Okay, okay - very rarely then and most of my learning has been forgotten so I can't play much more than chopsticks!

Through the Living Room around to the left is my Craft Room or Scrap Room or Studio or Work Room or whatever you want to call the room where I sit and try to be creative.  I'll show you more of this room in depth in a later blog post. :D

Oh, and this is the view I have out the Craft Room window.  It doesn't look like much in this photo, but all will become clear when I show you more of the gorgeous view we have out the back in a later post as well.

Shall we have a peek at the kitchen then?  It's not very exciting - it's just a kitchen, which needs a bit of a facelift as the doors are looking a bit old and worn.  That's our dining room in the middle background of the photo.  I'm not going to show you more as the dining table is a mess and there is laundry all over the place. LOL

Through the dining room to the left is Gus' "Media" room (self-explanatory if you know Gus LOL).  More mess in here.  We haven't found a home for everything yet.  Yes, that is a baby gate and no, we don't have babies.  It's to keep the dogs out.  They aren't allowed in there as it's carpeted and we don't want dog hair in the carpet.  There's enough of it around the rest of the house as it is!!  The shelving on the right is filled with our CD and DVD collection.  Even we're in awe of how many CDs and DVDs we own (and never listen to or watch!).  Shocking, isn't it? LOL

And finally, here is the Laundry, or Doggie's Bedroom.  There is a toilet to the left which is very handy.  We'll be renovating this room shortly.  When the tradesmen finally get back to me.

Right!  Well, here's where we conclude the tour of the downstairs level.  I hope you like my house so far!  Tomorrow I'll take you upstairs and maybe sometime on the weekend we'll have a peek outside at the backyard and the awesome view I've been teasing you with. ;)



Jacqui aka Morgana said...

Winnie your home is absolutely gorgeous and as for your Craft Room well I am so jealous. And thats just because of the view lol.

All I can say is, when can I move in?????????

Jacqui aka Morgana

Sandra said...

my, oh my, oh my, your home looks just amazing :) .. and wow what a craft room. Looks like you've found the home of your dreams :)

Allycat x said...

Winnie, your house looks awesome - and you can add me to the jealous list of your craft room - I have a craft room but its not as big and certainly not as tidy!!!

Alana said...

Not only do you live in a beautiful part of Australia but you have a massive craft room and a brilliant house.....soooooo jealous! Thanks for the tour, looking forward to the wonderfull 'blue hue' views.

Tianne said...

Winnie - how come the craft room is the biggest room in the house LOL. I am sooo jealous. I might just buy that vacant plot at the side myself so you can share it with me heehee

Ally said... that is a stunning house and even more stunning craft room. I can't even begin to tell you just how envious I am. I don't even have a desk, let alone a room!!

misteejay said...

Winnie, you new home looks amazing...and as for that craft room - I'm green with envy.

Enjoy your lovely new home.

Toni :o)

Gillian said...

Wow - your house is great - and I'm so envious of that lovely craftroom! Thanks for the tour!

Winnie said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. Sorry to make you all so envious! I know I have been blessed with a massive craft room! It's only tidy 'cause you can't really see the mess on the desks. LOL

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Wow, gorgeous house, you are so lucky :D
Julie xx

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