Monday, 19 April 2010

Another Exhausting Weekend

Yep. Another exhausting weekend. Spent ALL weekend down at the Sydney house cleaning out the inside of the house this time. It seemed to take forever, and I'm STILL not finished. :( Since it takes us so much time to get down there, we don't have a lot of time left to do the cleaning. Saturday night we stayed really late (after having dinner with my parents in Kou Gee in Eastwood) and I was really struggling on the drive home. So much so that Gus wouldn't let me drive on Sunday. He's such a sweetie. :D

I have to admit the house is looking very nice. It's cleaner than when we moved in eight years ago! I just hope that it draws a good renter that will take care of the place otherwise all this cleaning will be for nought.

I did meet the Real Estate Agent on Friday and she was quite positive about the house and getting a renter, even though the current market is slow, so that's a good thing. The sooner we get it rented out, the sooner these manic drives down to Sydney can stop!

Anyway, I've taken today off work because I'm just too exhausted. My arms are aching, my RSI has flared up again and I can barely type this!

On the plus side, I may just have enough energy to do a LO today. Watch this space!

Until next time!


misteejay said...

Hope you get a renter soon Winnie. Try to enjoy a bit of a rest today.

Toni :o)

sutty said...

You must be nearly there with the house...and done enough tidying up for the whole year :) Good luck with the LO - looking forward to seeing it!


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