Friday, 9 April 2010

Let's go upstairs!

I'm exhausted today!  Before 9am this morning, I had already tided up two rooms and the foyer, put on two loads of washing (with a third waiting to be done), vacuumed and mopped the floors downstairs, cleaned up the laundry, and took the dogs for a walk. Phew!!  Needless to say I slept for the rest of the day. LOL

Right, as promised, here is the second part of the tour of my house - the second level.  There are four bedrooms all with built-in wardrobes, except the main bedroom that has a teeny walk-in-wardrobe.  The main bedroom also has an ensuite.  In the hallway there is a massive linen cupboard.  The stairs, hallway and main bedroom seem to have been re-carpeted.  The other three rooms are still sporting fluffy cream carpet right out of the seventies. One day we'll get around to replacing it. LOL

That's enough waffle.  Shall we?  Please close the gate behind you as again the furbabies are not allowed upstairs.  If the gate is left open, they'll be up there in a flash!

(DISCLAIMER - all the rooms look a little narrow and a bit out of proportion.  That's due to the wide angle lens I was using.  Just imagine that the rooms are a little wider than you see them in the photos!)

At the top of the stairs to the left we have the main bedroom.  Thank goodness I remembered to make the bed, sort of!  Our clothes are still piled everywhere as we haven't been bothered to unpack them as yet, especially all the summer gear.

Around to the right in the main bedroom lies the walk-in-wardrobe (WIR) and ensuite.  Don't get too excited about the WIR - it's actually quite small.  We had more wardrobe space at our old house, but this will do for now.  I've always wanted a WIR!!  The ensuite is usuable and is only marginally smaller than the main bathroom at our old place!

Right, let's go down the hall to the other rooms shall we?  I forgot to open up the curtains in the guest room at the end of the hall, hence why it looks a little spooky and mysterious.  The hall looks a little weird in this photo as the wide angle lens has distorted it.  It's really not that narrow!

First room on the left is a massive main bathroom.  It's broken up into three rooms.  The washing/primping & preening area in the middle, the shower/bathroom on the left and a toilet on the right.  My dad was complaining about not having the toilet and shower/bath together and I said that if he wanted to run from the toilet to the shower in the nude, nothing was stopping him.  We weren't going to look! LOL

(I'm not going to show you the toilet.  It's just a toilet and I'm sure you all know what that looks like!)

This is the guest room that is at the end of the hall.  At the moment we have two single beds set up in there (as my parents were staying with us over Easter and they like to sleep in separate beds), but we'll have a Queen bed in there for other guests.  This is the only bedroom that has a view too.  We figured it doesn't matter for us as we see the view everyday whereas our guests won't. :D

We haven't really figured out what we're going to do with the two single beds when we put in the Queen bed, that is, where we're going to put them.  I know, I know, I can hear you thinking, "The woman has four bedrooms in the house and she doesn't know where to put two single beds?!?!".  Wanna know why?

Yep.  Two rooms currently full of junk stuff we don't know where to put just yet.  No, I'm not currently using those exercise machines.  Doesn't everyone have exercise machines in their house that are just there for decoration?!?  Sigh, the original buying impulse/intentions were good. LOL  I shouldn't complain.  They did serve their purpose two years ago when I lost a heap of weight.  Then I discovered dark chocolate Tim Tams and all that hard work went flying out the window.

Well, that about wraps up the tour of the upstairs bedrooms.  Nothing really that exciting.  Let's go back downstairs and take a look at that view . . . tomorrow!



Sian said...

Great tour! I love seeing round peoples houses..must be the same curiosity that makes me want to read blogs too :) I'm looking forward to more.

Ally said...

Lovely - you have a stunning house!

Sandra said...

OOhhh Winnie, it looks just wonderful, yes I'm with Sian on this, its so exciting looking around people's homes, and thank you for sharing yours with us LOL. I laughed about the exercise machines, guess what, we've just bought a power plate machine, I wonder how long that will be a dust collector for!

Alana said...

What a lot of space you have, it's a lovely house. Ohh Tim Tams! Do you suck your tea through them then shove them in your mouth, delish! Btw, in London Covent Garden there is asweet shop that sells Tim Tams and my fav. Aussie chocci...Cherry Ripe. Can't get it anywhere else in Britain. It's prob double the price but worth it.

sutty said...

Winnie your house is beautiful and huge...I love your scrap room - and it is very very tidy :) WIR how posh are you - at least you should have loads of room for when we all visit :)

Allycat x said...

Massive main bedroom Winnie, you'll just have to get a bigger bed! Save the single beds - I'm coming to stay! LOL

misteejay said...

Wow, your house is fab...can't wait to see outside tomorrow.

Toni :o)

Amanda said...

Thank you for sharing a tour of your home. I'm with you on the dark chocolate :) Looking forward to tomorrow now and the view.

Gillian said...

Yes, I love seeing other people's houses - I love to watch property programmes on TV and of course love virtual tours too - thanks! Your house is great.

Lisa said...

Winnie, i'm more than happy to sleep in one of the spare rooms even with the junk er stuff, just throw a mattress on the floor and i'll be there lol x

Gorgeous house, just a mighty bit jealous but you deserve it cos you work so hard!

Lisa xx

Winnie said...

Alana - to enjoy ones' Tim Tams, one MUST suck tea (or hot chocolate) through them and then suck the rest into ones' mouth!! Heavenly!

I'm really glad to know where to get Tim Tams if I'm ever in London. Not keen on Cherry Ripes though.

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments!

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