Thursday, 5 January 2012

Jasmine @ 6 months

A very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a wonderful time over Christmas and enjoyed the New Year festivities! We had a very busy time making several trips down and back up the Mountain for shopping and other various events. Jasmine's first Christmas was very enjoyable though. We even made an effort to put up our little tree and some Christmas lights on the front of the house as well. It certainly felt a lot more festive than last year where I didn't feel like celebrating much at all as I was pregnant and sick! Not that any of the celebrations and decorations mean much to Jasmine for now, but hopefully in years to come she will understand what all the fuss is about. :D

This month sees Jasmine's six month milestone. Six months already, WOW!!

At 6 months, Jasmine:

  • Weighs 7.5kg, length 65cm. She has grown heaps just in the last week or so and is definitely looking very chubby, especially her chunky thunder thighs!! So cute though! LOL

  • Went through a very unsettled month (since last post) of disturbed sleeping. She wouldn't self-settle and would wake up after the first sleep cycle and needed help to get back to sleep. This was not just during the day, but all night too. :'( However, this week has been HEAPS better. She has not whinged at all or only slightly when we've put her down for naps and to bed at night. AND she has been falling asleep all by herself, without me having to rock her to sleep. Yay! For three nights now she has slept 6+ hours non-stop and it has been bliss! I do feel much more human again after getting at least a solid 6 hours of sleep.

  • Is starting to sleep on her side, often in an "L" position. She now moves a lot in her sleep and last night she even managed to turn herself right around in the cot so that she was facing the opposite direction in which we put her into it!!!

  • Still wearing size 00 clothing. All her size 000 clothing is getting a little tight, but she's still managing to fit into some items, so I'm trying to get as much mileage as I can from those ones! I hope the warmer weather (that we're only getting now!) would stick around so she can wear all her lovely summer clothes before she grows out of them!

  • Had the cutest little outfit to wear for Christmas! Even though it was her first Christmas, she didn't get spoilt, although she did get all the presents and we got none!! LOL

  • Received a Jolly Jumper from us for Christmas. She still hasn't mastered the bouncing just yet and just shuffles her feet a bit and lets the Jolly Jumper spin her around and around. LOL She does bounce when she flexes her legs, so hopefully she will learn to do that purposefully!!

  • Also received a Baby Einstein play center from us for Christmas. (Both this and the Jolly Jumper were brought second hand - awesome eBay bargains - which saved us a lot of money!) She can sit in the play center for about 10 minutes max before getting bored. It's hard to keep this girl entertained!! LOL

  • Is very "talkative", but not really using word sounds as yet. Still very much baby babble... and lots of screeches. Can someone send me earplugs?!?

  • Started eating solids. We started her off on a little bit of rice cereal mixed with formula and so far has tried avocado, sweet potato and zucchini. She has really taken to eating solids and loves it! Her little mouth opens wide when she sees the spoon coming and she finishes all that she's given. I just hope this eating compliance lasts through until toddler years!

  • Tried using a sipper cup, but I found she drinks better from a normal cup, so the sipper cup sits unused whilst she often drinks from my cup! :(

  • Is now feeding the maximum recommended volume of formula I can give her - a full 210mL. I'm going to have to increase the frequency of her solids if she demands more!

  • Had her first bushwalk in the carrier we brought (another eBay bargain!), which she had no problems with. She obviously felt very comfortable in it as she slept for most of the walk we did!!

  • Has a pair of pink baby Volleys!!!! So cute! :D

  • Can now sit up for quite a while without any assistance, but sometimes she still loses her balances and falls over, especially if she's looking behind her or is concentrating really hard on a toy. LOL

  • Got to ride in a normal shopping trolley since she can sit so well now. We had no issues on that [one and only so far] shopping trip, although she did want to grab everything I put in the trolley and wouldn't let up until I gave her a plastic bag to play with! Good thing she didn't mouth the trolley - can't imagine all the germs on it!!!

Finally, as per usual, just a few more photos to finish off with. :D

Yes, even though she is leaning on the back of the lounge, she IS standing by herself!!!!

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