Sunday, 25 April 2010

A Mojo-lacking CC Weekend!

Here endeth the UKS Monopoly Cybercrop weekend for me. I'm calling it quits now as I'm flaking out even though there is still about 5 hours left of the CC in UK time. In total I only managed a dismal 4 layouts. Not my best work either. I just couldn't seem to get motivated this weekend and my mojo was sorely missing. I'm not sure if it's because I'm already tired (lack of 8 hours sleep every night will do that to me) or if it's because my stomach has been feeling bloated and uncomfortable all weekend. Probably both.

Right, well, without further ado, let's have a look at what I DID manage to accomplish, yeah? Grab a cuppa and sit back as this is going to be a looooong post!!

First up - the Pre-crop Challenge. I showed you a sneak peak of this in my last post. Here is the full thing (click to get a bigger picture).

The challenge was to scrap the constant person in your life. For me, that's God. He has always been there for me no matter what and will continue to be there for me. The poem is called Footprints (you can read the full poem here). It's my favourite Christian poem.

Let me know if you want to know any of the materials I used. This goes for all the layouts I show. I can't be bothered typing each one out!

The first class of the CC that I did was Bow Street. Not really my cup of tea, but it was different:

I stuffed up the letters and paint but doodling inside the letters sort of made it a bit better. LOL

The next layout was a digi effort for the Water Works challenge, which was to scrap a water and/or holiday theme. I think I covered both!

For digi layouts, I use a software package called Scrapbook Factory. It's pretty cool and comes with a lot of it's own embellishments which you can supplement with your own image files. It's not as good as using Photoshop but I've yet to master that. :D

The next class I did was called Angel Islington. Again, not my cup of tea, but sometimes it's good to do different things! The challenge was to hand-cut a frame.

The final class I did ended up my favourite. I guess because it was very open to interpretation and I liked the freedom of that. The challenge was to include something hidden. Here's the layout as is:

The photo of the house opens up to reveal more photos:

And one more section:

Do you think it looks like a house brochure or something?!? LOL

Well . . . that's it! I can't say I enjoyed this CC as much as the other two I participated in. I'm not sure why. As I said, it might be due to lack of sleep and a tummy bug.

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about a fantastic Medieval Festival I went to on Saturday. For now, I really need to get to bed.



Gillian said...

Your no-mojo, lack-of-sleep, tummy-bug LOs are still great! - I especially love your doggy one and the house one - well done! I managed 5 in total, 3 classes and the two pre-crop ones.

misteejay said...

Well done Winnie, lovely selection of work. Not surprised at your lack of mojo etc you must be exhausted what with the move and one will probably be more enjoyable for you (((hugs)))

Toni :o)

Amanda said...

I think you're being a bit hard on yourself they look great. I love the framed puppy so sweet. The CC is a good way to try some different things. Hope you feel better tomorrow :)

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Your work is lovely as always despite all the hurdles you have had to jump!!!
J xx

sutty said...

Gorgeous LOs well done for working in a diffrent time zone!

Alana said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Winnie! Your LOs are great though esp like your footsteps one, I like how the papers match the golden sand of the beach.

Sandra said...

4 layouts, I think is really impressive, so don't put that down, really, they're fabulous layouts too. I have to say, one of my favs of yours is the title, love is a big lick :) ... it says it all :) .. now that's love.

Gillian said...

Yay, Winnie - well done on wining the class prize for your lovely doggy LO! Very well deserved.

Winnie said...

Thanks so much for everyone's comments! I'm glad you all like my LOs. :D

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