Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A Yummy Present!

I got a wonderfully delicious present today. :D  My work colleague had a "baking party" with her bible study group over the weekend and she made some "cupcake pops" (see Bakerella).  She was an absolute star for bringing in two for me to try and here they are!

I was surprised at how well they were presented - wrapped in cellophane bags and tied with ribbon!  Gorgeous!  Just like the ones Bakerella made.  I'm sure they're delicious too, although I'm saving them for dessert tonight.  LOL

Here is where I state categorically that I am not a baker.  Oh, I can make muffins and a banana cake and maybe a cookie or two when the mood or need arises, but that's about it.  I shy away from doing anything that needs icing (mainly because I'm not a fan of icing) or anything that needs more decorating than placing choc-chips or chocolate sprinkles on top.  I do admire those who can bake and turn out gorgeous cakes and other delicious fancies.  Like Bakerella.  And Shimelle.  And my work colleague.  Not me.  The most adventurous I've ever been was when I made a Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake.  It was edible, just not that asthetically pleasing.  Mind you, that cake didn't even require any baking at all as it was a cold set mousse cake. -wink-

Therefore, today I dedicate this blog post to you ladies (and possibly any gents) who excel at the art of baking (and decorating those baked goods).  Cheers!!



Gillian said...

Wow - cupcake "pops" - what a great idea! In our house DD1 is the cupcake-maker and she has made some fantastic ones. I like baking too, but usually ordinary cakes, loaves and puddings. I'm on an eternal quest to find the ultimate chocolate cake/pudding...

Sian said...

Those are amazing! I've never seen anything like them before. I'm not much of a baker either; but these are tempting me to find an apron..

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