About Me

Wanna know a bit more about me?

Vital stats:
  • Gender:  Female
  • Born:  30 August, many years ago
  • Nationality:  ABC (Australian-Born-Chinese)
  • Height:  172cm/5'7"
  • Weight:  too heavy
  • Marital Status:  Married. To Gus. No kids of the human variety . . . yet.

Other interesting bits and pieces:
  • I'm a Presbyterian Christian, although I was baptised as an Anglican. Either way, I'm still a Child of God!

  • I love collecting scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies (both real and digital) and will eventually stop stroking and gazing adoringly long enough to actually use up said supplies to make pretty things from time to time.

  • Other things I enjoy include solving brain puzzles, going bushwalking, blopping (blog hopping), and eating. Oh yeah, how I enjoy eating. Way too much if my ever expanding waistline is anything to go by!

  • We "tree-changed" at the beginning of 2010 out of Sydney to the much less metropolitan area of the Blue Mountains (2 hrs west of Sydney). It was one of the best decisions of my life!

  • I work part-time and love the four day weekend I get. Just don't ask me what I do on my days off. ;)

  • My two gorgeous little Mini-foxie fur-babies, Pepper and Falcon, are very spoilt, but can be well behaved (some of the time anyway)!  They keep me thoroughly entertained with their antics and off-the-scale adorableness factor.

  • My idea of total bliss is falling asleep stretched out on the recliner on a cold night, wrapped up in a blanket, the gas fire heater blazing away and a warm doggie in my lap. Oh, and that's AFTER scoffing a nice big mug of mocha. Mmmmm . . .

Thanks for stopping by!


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