Friday, 16 April 2010

Shopping & Stash!

What a tiring day!   Spent ALL day in Sydney, despite only wanting to spend HALF a day down there!  I have to admit that it was a much more productive day than yesterday though.  I managed to meet the real estate agent (eventually after a bit of muddle up as to WHERE we were meeting!) and get the ball rolling on leasing out the house.  I got my haircut and feel great now.  What do you think?

I managed to do some shopping too.  My bag strap broke today, although I wasn't too annoyed as my bag was looking very worn and tatty.  Got a nice new black one now.  I also managed to pick up some lovely Pashmina scarves which are very useful as it gets quite cold on the train, not to mention here in the Mts full stop. LOL  The other two little things are a purse and a mobile phone holder.  The purse I'm actually using to store my MP3 player.

Also went into Ikea to get a couple more Kasset boxes.  I really love those boxes as they are such a great storage medium, especially for my megaloads of stash, AND they look good. LOL

Rang hubby and told him to catch a train to Rhodes so I could give him a lift home.  Traffic was a nightmare getting on the M4, but once past the Parramatta Road onramp, it was flowing beautifully.

We decided to stop at Vaby's in Penrith for dinner and it was great.  Pity my phone had died otherwise I would have taken a picture of dinner for you. :(

Never mind, I think I'm waffling now as it's nearly midnight and I'm exhausted!

Oh, one more thing before I head off to bed.  There was a pizza box waiting at the front door when I got home.  That can only mean one thing since I didn't order pizza - a stash order had arrived, yay!!!  Lots of gorgeous and yummy items to tryout!

Well, that's about it for today.  I'm excited about the stash, but even more excited as the UKS Monopoly Pre-crop challenge (more on this later) had been announced and I've got a bit of an idea floating around me head  Just gotta find time to do it this weekend.  My eternal problem - finding time.  ARRRGGHHH!!!



misteejay said...

The hair looks fab Winnie.

Have fun with all that stash

Toni :o)

Tianne said...

Love the new hair do.

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