Saturday, 5 November 2011

Jasmine @ 4 Months

Jasmine is 4 months today - wow! So much has happened in the past month. Lots of "firsts", lots of developmental changes, and lots of getting out and socialising! She has well and truly moved away from the Newborn stage and is starting to fill out and look much older. I think it's the hair. :D

At 4 months, Jasmine:

  • Weighs just over 6.5kg and is 64cm in length. She is definitely starting to look AND feel much bigger!

  • Has finally been moved into her cot! Only this week did we set up the cot knowing that she was almost getting squashed in the bassinet!

  • Babbles a lot now, especially upon waking first thing in the morning. She can lie in her cot and babble away until she realises that no one is paying her any attention and then she starts to whinge! In her swing seat, she will babble away at the mobile hanging above her and does the same thing when she's lying on her playmat - she will babble away at the toys I've strung up above her. The babbling is soooo cute and is often punctuated by one or two very loud "words", causing us to wonder what on earth she's telling off or if she's trying to get the attention of the toy (or us?!?)!

  • Played with her first rattle. The first time she did shake it around although I think it was more from just flailing her arm around rather than any intended shaking of the rattle. LOL Still, it was awesome to watch her discover this new object!

  • I'm still comp feeding and thankfully she is still taking both breast and bottle. However, her bottle feeding has been all over the place this past month. We're never sure just how much to feed her as her bottle feeds can now be anywhere between 140mL and 210mL. There doesn't seem to be any consistency anymore which gets confusing for us as we never know how much formula to prepare! She can be fussy with the bottle too - if the bottle is removed for any reason before she's finished or had enough, she will refuse point blank to continue with that bottle or any other bottle. If she's finished the bottle and still wants more, she will also refuse to take another bottle preferring to suck her hands and whinge than to take another bottle!?!?!!! I hope this isn't a precursor to her being fussy with solids! :O

  • Started classes at Gymbaroo (a kindygym) and loves it. I also love it (it's lots of fun!) and learned other ways to give her "tummy time" so that she tolerates it (I’ve still yet to get her to ENJOY it! LOL).

  • Following on from above, she has now learned to roll from her tummy onto her back. Frustrating for me as that means she can get out of tummy time by herself just by flipping over. The surprised look on her face when she realises she's just rolled over all by herself is really cute!

  • Has discovered her feet and likes to grab hold of her toes when lying down.

  • Has graduated to wearing size 00 clothing! Some size 000 still fits but is getting a little tight. It's starting to get warm enough now that she can wear her summer outfits and boy does she look cute in her summer rompers!

  • Was read her first book and loved it! The book has pop up animal faces in it and she really enjoys reading it.

  • Still going through one bib a day! The drooling hasn't stopped... yet!

  • Went for her first walk in the new (well, used actually) Mountain Buggy pram we brought off eBay (for a princely sum of $68!). The Mountain Buggy handles the "off-road" terrain around here much better than the other pram we bought, giving her a much smoother ride. The other pram (Phil & Ted Smart) will still be the everyday use pram for use in "city" situations, ie. smooth paving or shopping centres.

  • During the week of 15-21 October, she had a lot of firsts:
    • First holiday away - we went to Culburra Beach and even took the furkids. That was much easier than we had anticipated!

    • First time on a beach!

    • First time in a cot! The place we stayed in had a travel cot available for use. She slept in the cot without any problems. :D (We're still kicking ourselves that we didn't get any photos of this. :( )

    • First time seeing whales! We saw lots of them and she would have too if she'd been able to see that far out to sea and actually know what she was looking at! LOL

    • First stay in a luxury hotel. We stayed in the Hilton Hotel for our Tenth Wedding Anniversary on the 20th and boy was that AWESOME!! (Again we're kicking ourselves that we didn't get any photos of her in the hotel cot. Put it down to being awestruck at being in one of the best rooms in the Hilton!)

  • Likes to sit in the high chair now and watch us as we eat our meals. She looks so very small and cute sitting in it!!

  • Is starting to want to sit up and is building up her ab muscles by doing crunches whenever she can! Finding her toes has kinda helped with this. LOL

  • Is starting to put things into her mouth. So far it's just been her toys or her bib (or her hands or mummy or daddy's fingers!). We haven't given her anything else and she hasn't really been able to grab anything else.

I'll leave you with a couple of really cute photos. :D

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