Saturday, 10 April 2010

The great finale!

Here it is!  The post you've all been waiting for. LOL

It will be a quick one as I'm exhausted after pulling weeds all day.  I'll tell you all about it tomorrow or on Monday when I've recovered.  If I've recovered!

I've shown you downstairs and I've shown you around upstairs. Now it's time to step outside and admire the view. Follow me . . .

This is the view I get from just outside the kitchen window or the craft room.  Oh look - that's where the furbabies have gone!  They LOVE it here.  So much more room to run around, chase birdies and sunbathe. :D

As the land is quite sloping, the previous owners have stepped the land and created three tiers. This is the view from the edge of the first tier, looking down on the second tier:

Going down a little further to the edge of the second tier and we see this:

You can now see the fence we had erected to keep the dogs in. But isn't that view amazing?!? I don't think I'd ever tire of looking at it. :D

This next photo is of the house from the back.  The garden shed (Gus' domain) and back of the garage to the left.  In the middle of the photo is our own little Christmas tree.  I can't wait to decorate it at Christmas time! LOL

And finally to really get you jealous, my hubby dearest took the following panorama on a really, really, REALLY good sunset day. We've seen a lot of sunsets so far, but to date, this one takes the cake. I can't wait to see more that beat it!!

(This one you have to click on to get the full effect!!)

So there you have it!  You've been through my whole house and even seen the backyard and awesome view.  Now I feel as though you've all been here!

In future posts we'll take a closer look at that craft room that have you all so jealous! LOL

For now I'm off to bed as it's been a loooooong and tiring day.  Cheers!


Amanda said...

Wow I love that photo the colours are amazing. Thank you for making the tour complete:)No wonder you're tired after all that weeding that's a lot of garden to look after but how lovely to sit back and enjoy it when it's done. Maybe we should all give a tour......

misteejay said...

Oh Winnie, your views are fab and that sunset is stunning. It does feel a bit as if I've been to visit apart from the fact that I couldn't go for a walk in that lovely garden (mine is such a mess at the moment but the ground is still to wet to do much with it thanks to all the lovely wet weather we have enjoyed this year.

Toni :o)

Gillian said...

Fabulous view - lucky you and I thought we got good sunsets here, but - wow!

Allycat x said...

I love sunsets! I was jealous before but now I'm EXTREMELY jealous! Thanks for the tour - it was great! x

Tianne said...

Wow - I can see why you were so excited to move there Winnie. Thanks for the tour. The sunset is truly stunning
Tracy xx

Jacqui aka Morgana said...

Naomi has just taken the full tour of your home and a) when can she leave me and move in and b) she wishes she could paint because the colours in the sunset are crying out to be painted.

Think that just about says it all.

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