Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A Bit of Indulgence on a Workday

I think I'm really getting into this blogging business!!  Suddenly my life is full of things I want to share with you! LOL  Mind you, it might get boring again from here on.

Today started out just like any other workday.  I got up at the crack of dawn, stumbled into the bathroom, then downstairs to have breakfast and to prepare for the day.  I was already asleep on the train by the time we were less than halfway down the mountain and didn't wake up until we pulled into Central Station.  Got to work, made my pick-me-up cold Milo (with milk of course!) and sat down to do some work after a quick morning chat with colleagues. Ploughing through the accounts was a bit boring, but at 11.30am, things got a bit more exciting.  I was to meet Gus for lunch in the city so I hopped on a train and headed to Town Hall Station and then walked down to Darling Harbour.  I had a heart stopping moment on the train when I remembered that it was still school holidays and Darling Harbour was likely to be packed with tourists and school kids/families.  To my surprise, it wasn't so bad.

After deliberating for a moment, we decided to have lunch in . . . wait for it . . . the LINDT CAFE!! YUM!!  They have a lunchtime special of a gourmet sandwich and any beverage for $14.  So we ordered a pesto and marinated vege sandiwch and a lamb sandwich with a Lindt Iced Mocha each.  YUM!

(DISCLAIMER:  All the photos in this post are pretty bad quality.  I guess that's what you get from a mobile camera!)

After lunch, I just HAD to go back into the Cafe to do some shopping.  We emerged with four variously flavoured dark chocolate blocks, some dark chocolate easter eggs and various Lindt balls.  I was feeling nice and generous so some of the balls were meant for some of my work colleagues.  All this packed into a beautiful blue Lindt bag and we were set!

Did the indulgence stop there?  No way!!  Walking back towards the IMAX theatre, we bought gelato from Gelatissimo - one of the best gelato shops in Sydney!  I got Green Tea flavour and Gus got Veronese Chocolate (imagine a cold and creamy Ferrero Roche!!).  Mmmm . . . absolute heaven!!

When a horde of little kids on a holiday day care centre outing descended on where we were sitting, we took that as a sign to leave!

Of course after such an indulgent lunch, I really didn't feel like doing any work!  But since I was the only one in my department today, the reality was a bit different. LOL

Well, that's my little adventure for today.

Until next time! ***hugs***


Allycat x said...

What a fabby lunch you had - I'll have to search out the Blueberry choc over in the UK! All this blogging you keep doing is making me jealous!!!

Gillian said...

Mmmn - your lunch and shopping and ice cream sound wonderful. I just ate my last little Lindt Easter bunny yesterday (sad) but I still have the lovely Lindt mug they came in. And as for that Veronese Chocolate ice-cream... Can you tell I'm a chocolate addict?

misteejay said...

What a fab lunchtime...wish the weather was a little better here. Where I work the sun has been lovely but to sit out in it would mean dressing in thermals (defeats the purpose somewhat LOL)

Toni :o)

misteejay said...

By the way Winnie, to reward you for all your efforts with this lovely blog I have a little something over on my blog for you.

Toni :o)

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Now thats the way to do lunch, Yum, yum ,yum :D
Love the bloggy hun:D
Looks fab!!!
Julie xx

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