Thursday, 7 April 2011

Pregnancy Positives!

For the past six and a half months, I've been moaning and groaning about how sick and tired I've been feeling due to being pregnant. All I can think about is the negatives, and boy are there plenty of those!

Therefore, as partly an exercise for my One Little Word project for this year (sadly neglected!), I've decided to try and list out some positive things about being pregnant.

So, here's a start to the list:
  • Having a very valid reason for doing absolutely nothing and dropping everything in the name of "needing a nap/rest"!
  • Being able to get hubby to do most (if not everything) for me.
  • Hubby is actually learning how to cook and make more than just minute noodles. LOL
  • It's quite amusing watching strangers trying to figure out if I'm pregnant or if my "spare tyre" is protruding.
  • No more monthly hassles, especially period cramps and bad acne!
  • I can blame forgetfulness and other erratic behaviour on having "baby brain".
  • Enjoying gorgeously thick and luxurious hair and lovely strong nails!
  • Having a valid reason for going gooey over baby clothes and toys.
  • For once in my life I can have decent sized boobs! Although I'm currently still waiting for them too fill out somewhat. ;)
That's about all I can come up with at this stage. Do you have any to add? I'd love to hear your suggestions or experiences.

I want to try and make a mini-book out of these thoughts so I have something to remind me that this pregnancy IS positive and that indeed, there is light at the end of the tunnel!



misteejay said...

You've come up with a great list and the mini book idea is super.

Toni xx

Virginia said...

Oh Winnie I loved being pregnant it was the most amazing time of my life, I couldn't believe how strong my body felt as it geared up for having my son (who is now nearing his 11th birthday). I ate blueberry muffins and opal fruits (now known as starburst) like they were going out of fashion - it was a wonder he didn't come out looking like Violet Bulregarde (spelt wrong sorry) when he was born with the number of blueberries I'd consumed. I was told by my mid-wife that the brain shrinks when you are pregnant and takes 4 years to recover which usually means that you've decided to have another one before it goes back to its original size (and she was being serious with that one), I've been forgetful ever since but wouldn't change any of it for a moment! Thank you for prompting memories!



Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Enjoy it all Winnie, nothing beats feeling your child moving around inside you. Of course being pregnant has it's fair share of downs but the end result is worth it all as you will soon discover.

Take care of yourself sweetheart.

Sue xxxx

voodoo vixen said...

Aaaaw, Winnie, I feel for you, society sort of make us think that we should be ecstatic and then have feelings of guilt when we aren't... but there are all sorts of positives to being pregnant, most of them happen after the birth though!! LOL

Alana said...

That's they way, stay possitive. The ultimate posiitive that in 6 months or so time it will all be over and you will have a beautiful baby. Unfortunatly you will have a hole new list of negatives.....I won't even go there with those.

Jenny said...

*big hugs* also, you can count down to the day you get a bundle of joy. We think you're awesome either way xx

Jo said...

That is a great list Winnie and it's nice to see you looking at the positives. The biggest positive is getting to the end and having a little person that will love you unconditionally :)

humel said...

Great list, good for you! Do make a mini of these positives, definitely :-) It is a special time, even though it can be hard (and oh boy, were both my pregnancies hard!!) Enjoy it as much as you can xx

akilli melek said...

The part i like best is having my own little nudger say hello. It's like our little secret, only we know she is saying 'Hi' - if i want to share I can, but sometimes it's nice just to have our own little secret.

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