Wednesday, 12 January 2011

One Little Word . . .

As some of you know (and are already participating in!), Ali Edwards runs her One Little Word project every year. This year she's even running a full scale online course on Big Picture Classes.

I wasn't going to participate as I had already decided NOT to get involved with any classes or year long projects due to a) impending baby (self-explanatory) and b) never completing any of them anyway (the amount of unfinished layouts/projects/online classes/courses I have lying around would shock you!).

However, last night whilst trying to drop off to sleep, God whispered a single word to to me through the deafening noise of the rain/crickets/frogs outside and even through the fog of my pregnantly ill brain.


Wha...?!? Huh?!? Positive?

"Positive what?!?", my pained brain thought. "Oh, do you mean BE POSITIVE?"


Oh. Must be what He meant. Zzzzzzz...

* * * * *

Throughout all of today, my brain has been pondering this one little word. Positive.

Nope. Definitely not me. I'm as negative as they come.

All the more reason for you to take ownership of the word, spoke the Voice of Reason in my head.

Sometimes I really hate that voice . . .

See! Negativity again. Embrace the word, go on!

Okay, fine! I'm POSITIVE I'm the most negative person in the world, AND the world's worst pessimist. There.


* * * * *

As the arguments in my head continued back and forth throughout the day, I was eventually talked around and made to see the positives (ha!) of adopting this one little word. What harm could it do, really?!? And if I don't actually get around to completing any craft projects related to it, at least it will be at the forefront of my mind, right?

So there you have it.


Image by skele_kitty from DeviantArt.



Sandra said...

So glad you're taking part .. come on, you and I can give each other the push we need, as trust me, I'm the same with unfinished projects. I'm ashamed to say how many I have LOL.

I think your word is really good ... it's a strong word, just right for this year ahead.

Monika Wright said...

I think this will impact your life in so many ways.

Monika Wright said...

e-mail me at monikawright {at} hughes {dot} net, i have something for you!

misteejay said...

A good word just to think about from time to time even if you don't do much else with it.

Toni xx

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