Saturday, 2 April 2011

A Lovely Day and the Play Chair

For the first time in about two weeks, I actually had an enjoyable day! I didn't feel as sick and tired today as I have been so we decided to make the most of that and venture out. Okay, so the main purpose of today was to go and get groceries, but sometimes the simplest tasks can lead to other more enjoyable things - like a nice brunch in a Katoomba cafe; a surprising lack of crowds in the supermarket (on a Saturday morning); everything I needed to buy being in stock(!); sunshine on a gorgeous autumn day (which then turned to rain by the afternoon, but at least I saw the sun today!!); a lovely impromptu picnic lunch by Wentworth Falls Lake, finding a HUGE dog park (old unused golf course) that we could take the dogs to and then enjoying a nice, uneventful and peaceful evening. I definitely need to enjoy these moments as I'm sure I won't get much peace AFTER baby arrives! LOL

Anyhoo, here's another LO I did during the week:

Credits: Echo Park Walk In The Park PPs and ticket; Dog Moments rub-on and paw prints from Dog Gone Cute by Mindy Terasawa; Dog sticker, bone charm and staple from Dog Park by Katie Pertiet; Title font: An Accidental Kiss; Journalling font: SS Play; Template by Splendid Fiins. Created in PS CS4.

We've been really neglectful of the dogs since I became pregnant and virtually incapacitated most of the time. They haven't had their daily walks and are becoming a bit feral! In order to combat this (although I do know it's not the best solution), we play indoor fetch with them of an evening in addition to small training sessions throughout the day (when I'm not working). We started to sit in a chair to play fetch with them and being dogs, they picked up really quickly that whenever we sat in "the chair", a game of fetch would ensue. Unfortunately this means that we can't even touch the chair without the dogs going ballistic and thinking that they were going to get a game of fetch! Thus the Play Chair was born. LOL

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!



misteejay said...

They do become creatures of habit very quickly - don't they. Great LO Winnie and glad you were able to enjoy a day out.

Toni xx

Jo said...

I'm glad you had such a lovely day Winnie, I love days like that where everything just goes right. Your layout is great and the story of the play chair is so funny x

Melissa said...

Such a cute layout and I'm so glad you had a nice day out!

Sian said...

It's good to hear you are feeling a bit better Winnie :)

Sandra said...

I love that you've scrapped this, and you can look back on it, and remember just how you felt :) Glad to hear you're on the mend, and enjoyed your day x

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