Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thankful Thursdays

I did so well with the blog posts last week, didn't I? Not so good this week. We've had to alter the feeding routine for Jasmine this week to every three hours and that means very little time in between feeds to do anything of substance really. By the time she's finished feeding, we just have enough time to feed ourselves, clean up, sit down for a short while and then it starts all over again!! We're barely having enough time to rest and "sleep" has dropped out of our vocabulary entirely unless it is preceded by "total lack of"! I really don't know how those mums with babies that feed every two hours or less manage to cope. So unfortunately, the first things to suffer from this lack of time is this blog and also my blog reading. My Google Reader Unread Posts count has gone off the scale! LOL So please forgive me for not leaving comments on your blogs lately. At least I've been managing to keep up the Monday Giggles and Thankful Thursdays. Otherwise this blog really would remain very silent!
Anyhoo, I shouldn't complain so much considering this is meant to be a THANKFUL post!! So, today I'm thankful that Jasmine has finally put on a bit more weight this week. Last Thursday she weighed 3.67kg - the same weight as when we left the hospital almost two weeks ago. After adjusting her feeds and increasing the amount of formula she's getting (hate this but no choice at the moment *cry*), she finally weighed in at 4kg exactly on Tuesday. The lack of weight gain hasn't affected her in the slightest as she's still sleeping well, responding to us and other stimulus and also going through LOTS of nappies!! LOL

I'm also thankful that the weather is finally clearing up and we had a gorgeous day of sunshine today. And no wind!! Usually August/September are the windy months here, but for some reason July has been exceptionally windy, and the storms three weeks ago were totally out of character for the weather this time of year. Strange times indeed! So I'm thankful that I could actually sit outside (briefly as it's still quite chilly!) with Jasmine for some much needed Vitamin D. :D

Well, that's enough about me, what are you thankful for today?!



Sian said...

Keep up the good work :) she sounds like she is thriving to me

Beverly said...

I am thankful to see that beautiful daughter of yours! I have been away much of the month and have done little blog reading
:( Congratulations!!!!!!

Sandra said...

Your priority is your beautiful daughter, so don't worrying about commenting on blogs. I'm glad to hear she doing so well :)

misteejay said...

Beautiful photo Winnie.

Hope you can get the 'sleep' thing sorted (((hugs)))

Toni xx

chan said...

i am super thankful that i get to catch up with you in person and get to meet jasmine today.
i am thankful for my friends and their support even though i have made their lives a little harder sometimes.

Alana said...

Don't beat yourself up about the formula, as long as she is thriving that's the main thing. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough milk for rob when he was born and so I formula fed him. He is hardly I'll (not had a day off school for the past two years) Has no allergies....and at 16 keeps growing upwards. Anyway, take care of yourself and the little one oxo

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