Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thankful Thursdays

Today I'm thankful for heaps of things. I've been saving them all up because it has been two weeks since the last Thankful Thursday post! :D So without further ado, I'm thankful for:
  • the birth of our sweet little girl. A bit of a bumpy beginning, but I still wouldn't change anything.

  • the absolute calmness and readiness I felt on the day of the birth, from the moment my waters broke until the moment Jasmine made her appearance. I'm sure that's not common for a first time mum!

  • the wonderful midwives at the Blue Mountains District Hospital - even though they did confuse me to death with the seemingly different tips and advice they were giving me. In hindsight, they were all actually saying the same things, just in different ways which made it sound like they were all giving conflicting advice. Then again, perhaps it was just me being tired, stressed and confused. LOL

  • the support from our families, especially my mum and MIL who have brought us lots of food!

  • the way the dogs have accepted Jasmine into the household without being jealous or aggresssive. They're curious, but not scared or territorial. I'm VERY thankful that they haven't wanted to rip her to shreds!!!! LOL

  • the fact that we got off pretty lightly with the severe wind storm that ripped through this area two weeks ago. We had only sustained a bit of roof damage (the capping of the roof somehow got blown off), our compost bin collapsed (still trying to figure out how on earth this happened as nothing fell on it), the canvas cover on the BBQ is MIA, a storage trunk somehow got blown out into the middle of the yard, and a few branches fell off some Banksia shrubs, but everything else was okay.

  • the quick repairs to our roof last Friday, just before all the rain this week!

  • not having to throw out a lot of stuff from the fridge because of not having power for two days (due to the abovementioned storm).

  • the way that Gus has proven me wrong and taken so readily to fatherhood being a very hands-on dad. Love him heaps! :D

Phew! That's certainly a long list, isn't it?!?! I better stop there otherwise this post will go on and you'll get bored! Come back next week for another Thankful Thursday! :D



misteejay said...

Lovely to have you back blogging Winnie.

Another lovely photo for your colllection.

Toni xx

Sandra said...

Beautiful photo Winnie, and yes those really are wonderful things to be thankful for, you can tell this post has been written from your heart :)

Lisa-Jane said...

Oh Winnie! Your baby girl is beautiful! It's a bit like wading through treacle at first isn't it?! What a great time to do Explore. Just wanted to say about the breastfeeding, keep one mantra in mind.. "just keep feeding". Might be every hour sometimes but it will all help. Lots of skin to skin too, that helps you both rest ;-). Best of luck with it all xx

Jo said...

You have so many wonderful things on your list and I am so happy for you. The photo of you and Jasmine is beautiful.
There's an award for you on my blog :)

Lisa said...

Winnie, I'm so happy for you and Gus! i'm choked at all these beautiful babies that are coming into the world!!

much love and thank heavens for wonderful husbands!! (we both have one!)


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