Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Jasmine is two weeks old today. I feel like 200 years old! Thankfully that doesn't show up in the self-portrait! I don't take a lot of self-portraits, although I'd like to, especially ones that don't involve a mirror. I've yet to work out what to focus the camera on if I use a tripod rather than a mirror!

The lack of self-portraits doesn't mean I don't scrap pictures of myself. Gus is always ready to take photos of me which I can scrap. In fact, I think I need more photos and layouts of Gus!!

Creativity is at an all-time low and has been since the start of the pregnancy. Or maybe even before that. Total lack of energy through the pregnancy meant I did very little scrapping, although I did create a few digi LOs. I'm hoping that once a routine has been established with Jasmine, I can get back into scrapping again. At the very least I have a new topic (and a gazillion new photos!) to scrap!

Having said that, I'm trying to remain positive and hope that I can learn to manage my time (and the baby) and my energy levels so that my creativity will come back! I'm actually very surprised at how optimistic I seem to be lately. Is it still pregnancy/new baby hormones? Or perhaps my OLW for this year - {Positive} - IS starting to have an effect on my way of thinking. That would be awesome.

I hope I can at least finish this new class from Shimelle - Explore. I don't really know what we are exploring, but the word alone conjures up adventure and journeys into the unknown. That alone sounds exciting! Will you join me? There's still time to sign up - click here.



Ginger said...

That's a great photo of yourself :) I came by way of Shimelle's class... not sure what the class is all about either but it sure is fun so far!

Rach H said...

Beautiful picture and words! I look forward to following your project with Shimelle!

Nance said...

Thanks for your visit, Winnie. You are the 2nd person I am visiting out of this class. First was Nancy, same as my name. To my surprise, my best friend's name is Winnie too! Haha! Anyways, nice profile photo. We will be looking forward to your creative twist on this project. Hope that adds to your inspiration....

misteejay said...

Great photo Winnie. Enjoy your class.

Toni xx

CoCo said...

Congratulations! You look wonderful (probably look wonderful always, but considering you have a 2 week old!)!
What an excellent time to explore, assuming you get enough rest, etc. It will be worth it. Hope you enjoy the class.

Sandra said...

You've always seemed to me to be such a creative & happy woman, and I think that real shows in this great photo of you. Wimnnie, I'll nag you to do the class if you nag me lol.

Sockergrynet said...

Beautiful picture!

Fay aka Beautifullily said...

Fab composure on your self portrait.

Enjoy your new baby and the class!

Jane said...

lovely photo, looking forward to seeing what you do.

chan said...

dude - that photo is gorgeous!!

Christy said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog, I am now following you. I love your latest post where you are going to document Jasmine's first year! My 2 are 17 and 19 and I didn't even know what scrapbooking was back then. So enjoy this time and write anything and everything about her because she will love to read it when she's older!

As far as your mojo for crafting not being at its highest right now; you have a new born beautiful girl, and I think you might be putting undue pressure on yourself to craft. I was going to suggest that maybe do a little bit at a time and slowly ease yourself back into scrapping. That way you won't feel overwhelmed. For instance, pick a day and time even if its just 15 minutes and say you want to just go through your pictures and organize them, or you might want to go through your paper to see what will work. You will be surprised at how good this will make you feel. I know b/c although my circumstances are different than yours, I went through a horrible time and had no motivation at all. I slowly eased myself back into and now I can't seem to stop!
I didn't mean to leave this lengthy of a message...I apologize. I will be back to see how you and your Jasmine are doing for sure!
BTW, I really like your SP! You look very happy in it and that's always good.

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