Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Jasmine - Aged 0

Firstly, I want to thank you all for your lovely comments about Jasmine. Both Gus and I loved reading them and I'm sure Jasmine will too once she learns how to read! Love you all heaps! mwah!

Now, Susan Weinroth wrote monthly update posts on her blog (and is still going after a year!) for her little boy Noah and I'm going to steal the idea because I think it's an excellent way of keeping track of Jasmine's growth. I even copied her idea of sticking the number of the month on a onsie, although Susan made her stickers and I went the lazy way and brought them from Picky Sticky! LOL

Kind of looks like Mini Me from Austin Powers, doesn't she? LOL

So, without further ado, here's Jasmine at 0 months (well, she's actually two weeks today, but it's taken me all this time to get a decent photo of her AND to get this post organised!):
  • Weighs 3.67kg (8.1 lbs). We still have a little way to go to get her back to her birth weight.

  • Doesn't do much more than eat and sleep like most babies! At the moment she's very good - she's a very contented baby most of the time and will settle fairly easily. Sometimes after a feed she will lie in her bassinet and just look around contentedly. Love this, although I'm wondering how long it will last!! It's probably just the lingering sleepy effect of the jaundice making her so placid!

  • Click for larger view.
  • Is extremely expressive with so many facial expressions (see photo above)! Of course we love her smiles the best and they're often so spontaneous. :D

  • Will feed every 2-3 hours although if we top her up with formula, she can go 4-5 hours! We do want to wean her off the supplementary formula feeds (and the sooner the better) but mum's milk supply is still not quite enough. (I'm trying, I'm really trying everything!! :( )

  • Wears newborn size 0000 clothing, although we're finding that there doesn't seem to be a standard with baby clothes as some size 0000 will fit exactly and others are way too big!!

  • Absolutely hates having a wet nappy and will complain the whole time until she's changed and her clothing is all back in place. LOL

  • Is very active - just like she was in the womb! She squirms and moves constantly, even when asleep. Flailing her arms about like the robot from Lost in Space is her specialty, although a bit annoying when trying to attach her for a feed. LOL

  • Channels Houdini and will often free her arms and have them up by her head when sleeping, no matter how tight we wrap her up.

Well, that's our little girl in a nutshell at the start of her life - may it be a long one. Love ya heaps little one!



misteejay said...

Beautiful photos Winnie. You are going to have some amazing stuff to scrap.

Toni xx

Sandra said...

Oh Winnie, she just perfect. Enjoy your time watching and enjoying her. I'm going to really enjoy following her progress. You've been blessed :)

Rach H said...

She is beautiful! I love all of the updates you have given! I can't wait to see more!

Jimjams said...

Wonderful photos of a real cutie! Love the stickers - never seen them before, but have just ordered a set for my brother's brand new (last Saturday) baby, so thanks for the inspiration.

Jane said...

what a cutie, enjoy!

sutty said...

She is just GORGEOUS :) Glad I get lots of photos to see :)

Hannah said...

Gorgeous little face expressions, such a little beauty. Keep up all of the photos and the month updates, you'll have so much to scrap, lets hope your mojo comes back soon :)

Jo said...

She is so beautiful, really lovely photos

Amanda said...

They are some really great photos I'm looking forward to seeing her progress every month. Good to see you are all doing well. Take care.

chan said...

look at all that HAIR!!!!!
she's awesome!
just like her mumma bear :)
miss you Win

Virginia said...

Oh I remember that 'needing enough milk' scenario - I was told to add on top of my normal food - wait for it - Slim Fast (not instead of food as well as) to try and make my milk richer, not sure if it worked but did manage with my own milk supply so always worth a try hun! You keep going you're doing an awesome job and don't worry about anything, just go with the flo day to day! Sending you hugs!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Thanks for stopping by Winnie & glad to have made you smile....although you have so much to smile about anyway!! What an absolutely adorable little girl you have...LOL at the mini-me comparison!! :)

Dawn said...

Congratulations on your gorgeous daughter. I had a son on 7th May weighing in at 11 lbs 10 ozs, he too lost quite a bit of weight in the 1st few days and took ages to put it back on. Don't worry about giving supplementry formula feeds I've had to do the same as long as mum and baby are happy thats all the matters. Enjoy your little bundle.
Dawn x

Allycat x said...

She is very expressive - love the photos! Keep going with the feeding, just takes time & can be little & often at first! As long as she's latched on properly, she'll get what she needs. Enjoy those smiles, they get better and better, especially when the giggles come along with them!!! x

Sian said...

Oh Winnie, she is absolutely gorgeous! I've been catching up after being away and would you believe I missed the birth of two babies? What bad timing!

Your photos are so lovely - keep em coming, please! And many congratulations to you both

Lisa said...

It may take me a while to get over but i'll come babysit for you anytime!!

Gorgeous little darling girl, Well done Winnie, I knew you could do it!

L xxx

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