Friday, 9 September 2011

LSNED - Day 9

Thank you Monika & Sian for your lovely comments and great encouragement after my post and awful day yesterday. It means so much to me and I'm glad it's normal to feel awful some days! Today was much, much better and I learned quite a few things today. :D

* I learned today that the same situation can turn out to be a hugely different experience for different people. I went to the first New Parents group meet today and we talked about our birth experiences. Each and every story was different and unique - some went through absolute nightmare labours, while others had a totally trouble free labour (like mine).

* I learned today that it IS possible for me to go out alone with bubby (further than just a walk up the road) and not run into disaster upon disaster! In fact nothing much happened at all except for the fact that I actually ENJOYED the experience!!! Getting her in and out of the car and to each destination wasn't a problem, even in the rain! And just the two of us having lunch? Awesome! :D

* I learned today that a cute baby really does draw lots of comments from other people. LOL

* I learned today that I really should learn more about the equipment I'm using. My mobile phone has two cameras - one in front and one in back. Little did I know that the front one is used more for video conferencing and thus doesn't take good pictures at all. :( I ended up with only two usable photos (the one above being one of them). After complaining about the terrible photos to hubby, who then explained WHY they were terrible, I then remembered that our point and shoot camera was in the backpack I was carrying with me. DOH!!

What a very fruitful day of learning! Maybe I should store some up of those lessons for those days when I don't learn anything. LOL Have you learned anything noteworthy today?



Sian said...

I'm so glad you had a good time. I've learned that taking the time to leave a comment really is worth it :)

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Well done Winnie, always nerve racking when you finally manage that first solo trip! Your daughter grows cuter with each beautiful photo you share with us xxx

Alana said...

So glad that you had a better day today. There is no denying that motherhood is tough at times but the 'first smile' 'first time they say mama' or in my case their first day at college makes it all worth while and the bad days not so bad. X

Scribble Monster said...

What a cute baby. Congratulations. I hope you enjoy many, many more days out, especially now you can capture them for scrapping.

Hannah said...

Great to hear that you had a better day today and could enjoy your little outing :)

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