Monday, 5 September 2011

Jasmine - Aged 2 months

Wow! Can you believe it?!? Another month has gone by and Jasmine is now two months old!

I must admit the past month has been more on the difficult side as Jasmine has gone through quite a bit, such as having her one month celebratory dinner (Chinese tradition), getting her first immunisation jabs, going through a couple of growth spurts, and her first week without daddy around. It has been a huge learning curve with lots of ups and downs. As expected, I'm still tired and an existing blood condition which adds to the tiredness doesn't help one little bit! So most of my time is spent in feeding Jasmine, and trying to get rest when I can.

But enough about me. At 2 months, Jasmine:

  • Weighs just over 5kg (5.2kg/11.4lb) and is 56cm in length.

  • Still has a powerful set of lungs, although her cries have progressed from the cute newborn cries to fierce screams and more "ngaaai, ngaaai" cries. When she whinges, sometimes it almost sounds like she's trying to get our attention with a very loud "ey"! LOL

  • Loves watching people talk to her. She hasn't quite mastered the art of responding with coos or gaas just yet, but no doubt this will come in time. She's already talking to the animals on her mobile!

  • Has much longer periods of wakefulness and attentiveness now, although her attention span is still very short. Annoyingly she will fight going to sleep after a feed only to fall asleep half-an-hour or so before her next feed, which means I get very little rest in between feeds. Thankfully she only does this during the day and sleeps fairly well during the night now.

  • Is starting to sleep in a sleep sack as she's just too active to wrap. She can unwrap herself within minutes, so we thought we'd better graduate her to the sleep sack. That way, at least she's covered and the wrap isn't hindering her movements/development.

  • Has somehow lost her feed routine! She now feeds anywhere between 3.5hrs to 6hrs (!), although 4 hrs does seem to be the average. According to the community nurse, 6 hours between feeds isn't an issue as she is still putting on weight, but it just stuffs up my milk supply, which is flakey at the best of times! LOL At least she's feeding well though and still takes both breast and bottle without issue. Sometimes she can be a bit slow in drinking from the bottle and ends up fussing because the formula has cooled down. We then have to go and warm it up for her before she'll drink again. Other times she'll drain the bottle so fast, the formula doesn't have a chance to cool down! LOL I think I might have to set up a routine rather than rely on her demand feeding. It might work better for all of us in the end - at least I'll get some decent rest!

  • Tolerates sitting in the swing seat now, and will even fall asleep in it.

  • Is really exercising her legs by kicking lots now. She loves to lie on her back kicking up a storm! It's so cute to watch her. Her arms are still flailing about seemingly uncontrollably. Her strength is definitely improving as she can pack quite a punch with those little fists of hers! I often sustain a wallop or two when she's breast feeding. LOL

  • Is wearing the larger of the size 0000 clothes, and even some size 000 clothes. It's sad to put away all the smaller items now as they were soooo cute and reminds me how fast she's growing!

  • Smiles lots now, and often when she recognises our faces or our voices. She still smiles in her sleep, and it's so cute and sweet to watch her sleep. :D

  • Can suddenly start crying/screaming in her sleep. After a moment, she will go back to sleep, but it certainly gives us a scare as we wonder what distressed her so much. Must be nightmares?!?

  • Doesn't like tummy time. :( She'll tolerate it for about five seconds before staring to whinge. I have to give her tummy time in lots of 30 seconds each!

  • Is learning to suck her hands when hungry or needs a comfort suck. She's also starting to drool a bit and blowing drool bubbles - eech! LOL
There are so many more changes and developments now as Jasmine gets older. It's hard to focus on all of them and I often fear I'll miss something. Kids certainly grow fast!

This week Gus is back to work for good so I'm on my own again. Hopefully his hours won't be as long as when he was off on training two weeks ago, but still he will be spending at least 14 hours away from home. :( At least he will be getting some rest on the train!

This week Jasmine and I will be going to our first Mother's Group session. I'll let you know how that goes!



Jimjams said...

Still cute as a button - good luck with G's return to work and the Mother's group too!

Wrightboysmum said...

She's such a cutey. You'll have plenty of material for LSNED. I have to say we loved sleep sacks as well they worked so well.

Amanda said...

That first photo is just so cute. She's growing fast.

misteejay said...

Gosh...2 month, where has this year gone.

More wonderful photos Winnie.

Toni xx

sutty said...

Wow she is the sleep one, it's like she was right in the middle of something..and then fell asleep - gorgeous.

Mel said...

She is so gorgeous!! don't stress about tummy time, Nate hated it (personally i think it was self preservation as he was so big, I think too long on his tum and he would've crushed himself), there is a new school of thought that it's not even important.

enjoy the mummy groups, i've found them to be a lifeline. What a brilliant time to be doing LSNED!

Sandra said...

Jasmine, you are so beautiful xx

Hannah said...

Wow, has it really been 2 months. She's still just as adorable, those photos are lovely :)

Alison said...

So gorgeous, Jasmine - your mummy is a great photographer! Such a lovely list of things for you to know about yourself in a few years time.

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