Sunday, 4 September 2011

LSNED - Day 3 & 4

Yesterday we headed down to Sydney and I was just too exhausted when we got back home to post what I'd learned! It was a very long and tiring day.

However, yesterday I was reminded that in marriage, self-sacrifice works both ways and can be small - like giving up the perfectly cooked sunny-side up egg and eating the ugly looking, messy egg at breakfast - or big - like enduring a whole afternoon with your wife's family and relatives when you have no idea what they're talking about because you don't speak Cantonese!

Today I have been no less exhausted unfortunately (in fact all three of us have been very tired and sleepy for some reason), but thankfully we had a whole day at home to do absolutely nothing but rest. Or try to! There was still something to learn today though, and that was the fact that Jasmine's very bowed legs and slightly turned feet are actually quite normal! I thought it was a genetic or racial trait as I have bowed legs too, like a lot of Asians! Whether or not her legs will straighten out will remain to be seen. Regardless though, I'm sure she will still be a tall girl like her mummy - her legs are already so long!!

Wonder what lesson tomorrow will bring? :D


PS. Sorry for the lack of photos. I have them, but it just seems like a bit too much effort today to download and prepare them for uploading to the web. With the way I'm feeling at the moment there's a huge possibility I might upload the wrong photo anyway!! LOL Maybe I'll make it up tomorrow. :D

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misteejay said...

Hope you all managed to have a restful day - (((hugs)))

Toni xx

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