Friday, 2 September 2011

LSNED - Day 2

It's great to see some of you participating in this month long class. Hope you've been looking out for lots of things to learn!

Today I learned (or more to the point, the lesson was very much reinforced) that when you have a baby, schedules, plans and "on time" no longer exist! Everything revolves around baby's feed time and right now, that's anytime between 3.5-5hrs. It takes immense planning to be somewhere at a certain time and trying to figure out if that time coincides with a feed or if we have to work around/between two feeds. The annoying thing is that it takes so long to feed, so an hour at the very least has to be taken into account when planning where to be and when. However, when we do spend the extra minute or so calculating our day, everything more or less works out to plan and it's smooth sailing for the whole day.

Are you as bound by time as we seem to be? Or are you still free to flit about the day without any regard to what time of day it is?



misteejay said...

Just lately I've found even the best laid plans don't seem to help much as there seems to be so many outside factors impacting on what I do...still, I'll keep trying.

Toni xx

Dawn said...

Winnie,completely understand where your coming from. My son is nearly 4 months and life revolves around feed times still. Next weeks going to be fun when the 2 year old starts playgroup, we have to be there for 9am.

Hannah said...

I guess you could say that my time is free as I don't have anything to tie me down as such. Although we have to take James capabilities into account a lot, and, as I'm sure is the case with you and many others, time is precious, and I can't afford to waste it :)

Alison said...

Just popped over from LSNED>>>I remember these days well...some days you just have to 'go with the flow'!
Alison xx

Angelfish said...

Just wait 'til you have two! I feel for you Winnie, it can seem like a huge mountain to climb just getting of the house sometimes. It gets easier I promise xx

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