Saturday, 14 May 2011

Right Now...

willette's right now

We're having a snap freeze at the moment with temperatures in single digits (LOW single digits!) - winter reminding us that it's on the way, or more like right at our doorstep now! It makes getting up in the morning very difficult, but a nice bowl of warm oats makes it a little bit easier to climb out of bed. :D

What's your favourite chilly weather breakfast?



misteejay said...

Toasted English muffins with a poached egg on the top, yummmmmmmmmmmmm.

After a glorious Easter our weather can't quite make up its mind what it wants to do - hope you can stay in the warm - have a good weekend.

Toni xx

Jo said...

I love porridge for breakfast, with cinnamon, yummy

chan said...

michelle and i want to know what the go with the egg is???
do you put it in or what??

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