Sunday, 22 May 2011

Ironfest! (Part 2)

Hello! I'm back again with more photos from the awesome Ironfest! Today I thought I'd show you all the fantastic costumes that both the participants and visitors to the festival were wearing. Last year we saw a few people dressed up in Medieval costume, but this year, as the theme was Steampunk, quite a few people turned up in Steampunk costume. I didn't realise how popular Steampunk is here in Australia!

Anyhoo, I hope you find these costumes as fascinating as I did! (Again this post is quite photo heavy. Click on the photos for a larger view.)

A Medieval warrior:

A Medieval woman on horseback. This lady was actually one of the jousting competitors!

A Knight, although if I remember correctly, this was a female! LOL

A "Steam Monk":

Various soldiers of the "English" and "Irish" "armies":

Note: The muskets carried by these soliders did actually work although they only fired blanks.

A German Soldier (there was a small World War II display):

I'm not sure who these two were meant to be, but they were rather interesting and I loved their "Cloud Suits"!

And now to some of the fantastic costumes worn by the general public:

Jack Sparrow even made an appearance - Steampunk style! LOL

And finally, this was my favourite costume of the day as it was so detailed and such a great example of Steampunk!

We had such fun at Ironfest and really can't wait until next year! Thanks for putting up with my excitement and "show-and-tell"! Now to figure out some way of getting all these photos onto layouts! :D



misteejay said...

Great photos Winnie.

Perhaps a mini book using some of the ideas that Shimelle gave us on UKS for "Scrap your day". Most of those pages encouraged multi-photo LOs.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Toni xx

Tracy said...

Those are awesome costumes, looks like a fun day..

Jo said...

Great photos, looks like an amazing day

sutty said...

Fab photos Winnie - looks like a great day :)

Hannah said...

Wow those costumes are just incredible, amazing :)

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