Saturday, 26 March 2011

Turn Off the Lights!!

Have you heard about Earth Hour?

Earth Hour

It is a movement that started right here in Australia about four years ago, aimed at raising awareness of global climate change and what one can do to combat that change. What you do is very simple - at 8.30pm today (Saturday 26 March), turn off all the lights in your house for an hour. I tend to go that one step further and turn off all electrical equipment, which means TV, laptop, stereo etc. (except for the fridge of course!).

The mere action of turning off the lights is definitely not going to change anything drastically, but Earth Hour is more about the awareness of climate change and what one can do beyond this one hour.

My challenge tonight will be to try and take a picture of whatever we're going to do and to scrapbook that. This means definitely getting out the tripod and hoping that there will be enough ambient light (from our lovely gas fireplace and maybe a couple of candles) to light up whatever we will be doing.

Will you join me?

Photo courtesy of Pluca on Flickr, Creative Commons Licence



Angelfish said...

Hi Winnie! We'll be doing that too, though not exactly joining you, as 8.30pm is around 8 1/2 hours away for us! However I have finally joined you in blogland this week.Enjoy the candlelight:)

Fi xx

misteejay said...

Here in the UK we move to British Summer Time with our clocks so we will be saving an hour's fuel anyway but we always try to turn as much off as possible to 'do our bit' for Earth Hour.

Toni xx

Sandra said...

Winnie, we'll be doing that too. I like your idea of setting yourself the challenge.

Jimjams said...

I'd not noticed that this was upon us again - until I read your blog, and so, although it is now 8:43 I have switched off the light in the room - and am struggling to type this by the light of the screen!

Lisa said...

Yep, we switched everything off too bar the fridge-freezer..

Hope you are doing well and well over the morning sickness by now

lots of love


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