Thursday, 31 March 2011

Earth Hour Entertainment

Did you join me during Earth Hour on Saturday night? What did you get up to? As I mentioned previously, I was going to challenge myself to take pictures during that hour.

Low light photography is pretty difficult in any circumstance, let alone for an amateur photographer with no experience! But armed with a tripod and hubby's technical knowledge, I think I did pretty well.

All the photos I'm sharing with you today are SOC (Straight Out of the Camera), no post processing whatsoever except to add the watermark. The photos are a bit grainy, but that's because I used the maximum ISO setting in order to deal with the lack of lighting. The first two photos were taken by hubby and the other three were taken by me. Click on each photo to get a larger view (and they look much better than the preview that Blogger has inserted here in this post!).

This is our
{fake} fireplace, roaring along nicely. Thankfully it was cold enough to have the heater on as it provided us with a bit more light.

The other light sources came from three tealights - two on the mantlepiece and one at the rear of the room. This was the tealight at the rear of the room. I wish I could remember where I got the gorgeous tealight holder from as I seem to only have one. :(

This was one of the tealights on the mantlepiece.

The next two photos are my favourites. I was experimenting with photographing the tealight and the Willowtree figurine in the background. Both times I managed to catch a flare of the tealight that looked like a heart, and so perfectly placed too!

So what do you think? Do you like my photos? It was certainly a great way to pass the hour. Wonder what I can do next year? :D

Oh, and yes, I do remember I said I'd scrap these photos too, but I'm waiting for some inspiration to hit. *grimace* Stay tuned!



misteejay said...

Beautiful photos Winnie

Toni :o)

MidnightCrafter said...

I love the candle in front of the Willowtree figure, that heart is perfect! Great work!

Sandra said...

How funny, as during Earth Hour, I too took photos of the candles and the wood burner :) Can't wait to see these on a layout SOON! lol

Lynn said...

Love the photos - we celebrated earth hour with friends and played board games by candle light.

Jimjams said...

Gorgeous pics Winnie - well done!

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