Wednesday, 23 March 2011

True Scrap

Some of you may have heard of the awesome scrapbooking event coming up in April called True Scrap - three days of awesome classes and make-and-takes by some of the top names in the scrapbooking industry. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check this out (click on the image for more information):

Looks great, huh? Well, I'm ecstatic to say that yours truly managed to win herself a place in this awesome event! How cool is that?!? I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Now I just have to figure out what time I need to be up as the classes will be based on US Eastern time, which will be about 14 hours behind. That makes it sound more difficult and gruelling than a UKS Cybercrop!! LOL The fact that I've got other things planned for that weekend will make things interesting too. Never mind, I'm sure I'll figure a way around all these hurdles!! :D

Will I see you there in the classes too?!?



sutty said...

Well done Winnie - it looks great....who needs sleep anyway :) (definately me!! :D)

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

How wonderful that you won a place at this event! I am sure you will learn many things and enjoy yourself too! Patsy from

Sandra said...

I must have had my head in the sand again, as I haven't heard anything about this ... thank you for the link, and well done on winning a place - see, this year is going to be GREAT for you xxx

Allycat x said...

OMG - you lucky lucky lady!!! I wanted to 'go' but can't afford it!!! Make sure you show me your creations afterwards!!! Purrrrrrleeeeaseee!

misteejay said...

How exciting...but poor you having to juggle time-zones again. Still, you always amaze us on UKS with your organisation - hope everything goes well for you timewise. Have a great time.

Toni xx

Cheri said...

Lucky you - I had to pass on this one, but the line-up of teachers is awesome!

Virginia said...

Well done to you for winning entry to this - looks fantastic - let us know how it goes - fingers crossed you manage the time issues!

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