Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Six (and a bit) Months

Wow. Can you believe it? It's been six months already. Well, a bit over six months as I've now just passed 25 weeks. I finally have a baby bump that makes me look pregnant instead of just overly fat! I've had to bite the bullet and buy some maternity wear as items in my wardrobe are becoming quite tight and uncomfortable. We've also been buying all sorts of items in preparation for the baby, and hopefully I'll fill you in on all this in another post.

It hasn't been the easiest journey to this point in time and I'm not optimistic about the next three months - emphasised by the fact that I'm feeling quite ill and exhausted as I'm typing this post. I'm impatient for things to return to normal even though part of me knows that once bubby arrives, NOTHING is going to be normal or ever the same again. In some ways I grieve that, even though I know I'm embarking on a whole new adventure which is going to take me waaaay out of my comfort zone! For reasons I don't want to share publically, I'm not looking forward to this new phase of life, but God knows what's He's doing even if I don't!

On a more positive note, baby has been VERY active and it makes me wonder if she's as impatient to be out in the world as I am for her to be?!? LOL So far all the signs have been good and I'm to present myself to the hospital next week for "booking in" - whatever that entails! If baby doing somersaults in my tummy isn't enough to enforce the reality of my pregnancy, I'm sure that the hospital visits and ante-natal classes will!

Now, is that a LO I spy?!? Oh my, it certainly is!! :D

Credits: Adorableness kit by Traci Reed; Template from Traditional Templates II by Scrapping with Liz;
Journalling font - Angelina. Made with Photoshop CS4.

This must be my first layout in about three months. I did manage a few digi layouts for the UKS Christmas Crop last year, which I didn't share on the blog, but you'll find them in my Flickr. I do prefer the touchy-feely aspect of physical scrapping, but in the absence of the energy and stamina needed to sit at my craft desk, digi scrapping is very handy indeed.



misteejay said...

Lovely LO Winnie. 6 months gone - wow time is flying. Hope you are soon feeling better as it can't be much fun feeling grotty all the time.

(((hugs))) coming your way.

Toni xx

sutty said...

Winnie you look great - beautiful LO - love all the embellishments. It will be a huge change - but it will be great too :)


Dawn said...

I can relate entirerly as I'm 34 weeks pregnant and can't wait to meet him/her. I've got a 22 month old son too so know about feeling ill and tired and having no energy. Life will change dramatically but it's fantastic and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Jinnag said...

Love your LO - hope you soon feel better. Take care J x - from BFS class

Alana said...

This layout will be fab to show the babe when they are older. Hope the next timester of your pregnancy is better for you. As to the exhaustion.....well what can I say?.....babies seem to be awake when you want to sleep.

Miriam said...

I love your LO it, the curves echoing your curves! beautiful. visiting from BfS x

Melissa said...

A beautiful layout. I'm not a digi scrapper really, but have enjoyed making a few layouts digitally. Once they are printed and in my albums I enjoy them just as much as the paper ones because I have recorded a story or included a photo I love. So glad you were able to document this time in your pregnancy with the digi stuff. Sending prayers up for you to feel better during these last three months.

Jo said...

That's a great LO Winnie and you look beautiful with your lovely baby bump x

Virginia said...

Loving the layout - never tried digi scrapping but could imagine it might prove easier than trawling through boxes of scrapbook stuff when you're 25 weeks pregnant - you look fabulous!

akilli melek said...

that is such a fab layout.
I have only finished one LO and that is of her first 2 scans. (wk 4 and wk6 - so not much to see lol)
You have made me think about better documenting this journey, because for better or worse it is a journey that will change my life forever.

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