Sunday, 1 August 2010

A Pinch and a Punch . . . and the Tiling's Done!

Welcome to August! (August?!?!? Good grief. Where has this year gone?)

August 1. The Horse's Birthday. In the Southern Hemisphere at least. I've always wondered why it was called the Horse's Birthday. Thanks to Yahoo Answers (LOL) I now know! Apparently it's do to with horse racing and standardising the ages of horses. Fair enough.

It's also Wattle Day in Australia, where the Wattle trees are supposed to start flowering. No one has told the Wattle trees though, as I've noticed a lot of them have already been flowering since as early as mid-June!!!

The flowers sure are pretty though, but not so good if you have hay fever, like Gus!

So, onto the other matter of "Done Tiling". On Friday the tiler FINALLY showed up. Of course he blamed the Kitchen company for not ringing him, but I think he was also a bit dodgy to begin with. Never mind, at least it's all done now and I can look at the nice tiles we chose instead of ugly, crumbly plasterboard!!

There's only one thing left to do now - decide on the new handles. That's really our fault it's taking ages because we can't decide which ones will look good with the existing doors. Hmm . . . watch this space. LOL



misteejay said...

August, gosh so it is.

Bet you are glad that the tiling is finally done and I'm sure you'll come to an agreement over handles soon.

Toni :o)

Amanda said...

It's nice when things finally come together isn't it? Just think new handles and you're done :)

Sandra said...

Goodness, it's really coming together now, isn't it .... how exciting.

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