Thursday, 26 August 2010

Wow, It's Snowing!!!!

It's been freezing here in the mountains today, and guess what?!? It's snowed!!! Okay, so it still isn't cold enough for snow to collect, but we've actually seen snowflakes, WOW!!!! *happy dance, happy dance*

Okay, I know all you Northern Hemisphere readers are shaking your heads and tutting at me, but I was brought up on the very mild temperate COAST of Australia, so I'm not used to seeing snow at all. LOL That's what makes it exciting! :D

I wish I could take some photos, but at the moment it's pitch black and very windy, so the snow tends to look more like huge drops of rain. And I don't want to get my camera wet. :P



Alana said...

I forgot it snowed in the Blue Mountains, don't you have a festival of celebrating Christmas in July or something. Yeah I like snow but not when you have weeks and weeks of it.

Sian said...

I keep forgetting you are halfway across the world! And I like your label for this post: "weird ravings" make great posts!

Ally said...

Snow! Yikes - can't stand it! But I guess we don't appreciate what it's like if you haven't seen snow much before.

misteejay said...

SNOW!!! We seem to be suffering from monsoons here - so humid and sooooooooooooooooooo wet.

Hope you manage to get some pics.

Toni :o)

Jenny said...

Enjoy it! xx

Amanda said...

Any more snow? Keep warm :)

Winnie said...

Alana - Yes, we did have Christmas in July, but it's more for the tourist rather than the locals. :D

Amanda - no more snow now. :( Just lots of wind and rain.

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