Monday, 24 May 2010

A Wicked Saturday and Another Sneak Peek!

Since it started showing in Sydney six months ago, I have not wanted to go and see Wicked as I'm not a big Wizard of Oz fan.  However, the Receptionist at work came in one day last month and raved non-stop about this great musical as she had seen it the night before.  Then other colleagues who had also seen it started raving about it too. So out of curiosity, and because I'm so easily influenced (LOL), we booked tickets to see what all the fuss was about.  We decided to see a Matinee show so that we didn't have to drive home too late.

Well, the day came and I wasn't too excited as I wanted to stay home rather than have to head all the way into Sydney, but the tickets were booked and there was no backing out.  We headed down early and went browsing through Paddy's Market and then had lunch at Market City.  Gus just had to have his usual Hokkien Mee at McLaska.  We were glad to see it was still there after all these years.  LOL

Finally the time came for us make our way to the Capitol Theatre.  Of course I had to take some photos as souvenirs. LOL

We brought a program because I ALWAYS buy a program to every theatre production I've seen.  Then we settled down into our seats, which were pretty good - fairly close to the stage in the Stalls.  The lights dimmed and the show began . . .

Wow.  All I can say after seeing Wicked now is wow, and I can definitely relate to all the rave reviews I've heard.  I was completely blown away by the music, the costumes and the fine acting.  Of course I'm also a huge sucker for a tragic romance, and yes, I will admit to bawling my eyes out near the end.  LOL  I have to admit that Phantom is still my most favourite musical, but Wicked comes a very close second!

The storyline also intrigued me.  I had the feeling that there were some things that might have been in the book, but didn't make it to the musical, so I've now ordered the Wicked book by Gregory Maguire (plus the sequel, Son of a Witch) and can't wait to read it.  I also thought that the ending was a bit weird, like it was tacked on just to make it a happy ending.  From what I've read of the reviews of the book, I don't think there was a happy ending!  But I won't spoil it for you - go read the book!!

Okay, before I leave you today, I'll give you another sneak peek of the second layout I've done for the UKS Weekly Challenge.  I wanted to do a third one, but lack of mojo and motivation means I'm just going to have to stick with two!  All will be revealed on Monday.  Enjoy!


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misteejay said...

Isn't it great when something that you are not too fussed about turns out to be so wonderful.

Loving your little peaks - am looking forward to the grand reveal.

Toni :o)

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