Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Kitchen Renovation Debacle - Day #2

This post was supposed to be dated Monday, 10 May, but for various reasons, I haven't posted it until today (see post below, LOL).

After spending the previous weekend cleaning off all the granite dust from the front of the house, wondering why the rubbish piled on our front lawn wasn't taken away, eating lots of takeaway meals, and using the laundry tub as a temporary kitchen sink, the kitchen guys came back on the Monday to do more work.

I had to head off to work (2 hours each way on the train by myself, boo hoo!), but hubby managed to get the okay to work from home.  Lucky him!

The Project Manager turned up first thing in the morning with our shiny new sink. Thankfully he got the right one this time. The rest of the kitchen guys turned up a bit later in the morning and started pulling off the tiles from the wall.  The plumber arrived shortly after and frustratedly headed off again since the kitchen guys were still stripping tiles and hadn't installed the sink or cooker ready for the plumber to connect.

Finally the kitchen guys departed around lunchtime after they had pulled off all the tiles (AND part of the walls!), installed the sink and cooker, and installed the new pot and cutlery drawers - leaving lots of dust and debris behind in the kitchen.  Hubby decided not to clean it up until AFTER the plumber had been.  Good decision that as more dust and debris was added as the plumber did his work.

The plumber didn't actually return until late in the afternoon.  Connecting up the dishwasher, sink and cooker was uneventful.  Hubby waved them off into the sunset, then tried to turn on the water.  It seemed that when the plumber told his apprentice to turn on the water mains, the apprentice turned the tap the wrong way and had actually stopped all water to our house.  Arrgghhhhh!!!!  Apprentice - YOU'RE FIRED!! (LOL)

When I eventually got home at 7pm, my awesome hubby had turned the water mains back on, cleaned the dust and debris from the kitchen, and vacuumed and mopped the floors.  Gotta love him.

What now?  Well, the benchtop is done and the sink, dishwasher and cooker have all been connected.  The new drawers are in, and the tiles have been pulled off the walls. 

The Project Manager was supposed to arrange a time for the kitchen guys to come back on Thursday, 13 May to finish gyprocking the walls, ready for the tiler.

There was no sign of him, nor any phone calls.  Sigh.

[Update:  He did ring me this afternoon to say he'll be coming back this Thursday.  Apparently he needs to find a new gyprocker.]

I'm hoping that the kitchen will be finished by the June long weekend.  At the very least.

Stay tuned for The Kitchen Renovation Debacle - Day #3!!  To be followed by The Laundry/Ensuite Renovation Debacle. . . LOL



Lisa aka 3peaches said...

you need to get a woman in to do the job! i'll be there asap;)

Good Luck with day 3 then!

L xx

Amanda said...

Just keep telling yourself it will all be worth it in the end - it's the only way to keep your sanity :-)

misteejay said...

It's getting there Winnie, slowly, but it is getting there.


Toni :o)

Winnie said...

Thanks for the offer Lisa! The spare bed's made up all ready for you! LOL

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