Friday, 7 May 2010

The Kitchen Renovation Debacle - Day #1

Finally the day came when the kitchen company we appointed was going to work on our kitchen.  They were supposed to be here yesterday, but due to one thing or another, they weren't ready.  It's a simple renovation really.  Just replacing the benchtop, dishwasher and sink and re-lacquering the doors.  We're not asking too much! LOL

So I thought.  Nothing seemed to go as planned today. Especially for the kitchen company Project Manager for whom everything seemed to be messed up, running late, or not at all!!  Thank goodness that wasn't my job. :D

We (Gus managed to get clearance to work from home today) got up early this morning and cleared out the side of the kitchen that was getting a new benchtop.

The Kitchen Guys didn't turn up until 10am when they said they were going to arrive at 8am. The Benchtop Guys turned up at around 11am, but the Kitchen Guys still hadn't installed the dishwasher so the kitchen wasn't ready for the new benchtop to go on, so the Benchtop Guys went off to do another job first.

By lunchtime, the kitchen was finally ready for the benchtop and our shiny new dishwasher had been installed.

(Whoops, just realised this photo still has the old, gungy dishwasher in it!!  See below for a peek of the new one.)

But the Benchtop Guys were nowhere to be seen.  So we waited.  And waited.  And waited.

Finally at around 3.30pm the Project Manager comes back and is surprised that the benchtop guys hadn't started yet.  Um . . . no, they hadn't turned up yet.  So after a few phone calls, it turns out that they were stuck at the other job and couldn't get to us until 4pm.  So the Project Manager calls the Plumber and leaves a message on his mobile telling him not to come until 4.30pm.  The Project Manager then left to get another sink as the one he got had a big dent in it.

Ten minutes later the Project Manager returns with the Plumber close behind.  Turns out that the Plumber wasn't going to be able to do the job for us today as he had planned a weekend away and wasn't going to work late today.

{pick jaws up from ground}

After a bit of umming and ahhing, we decide that Gus would stay home on Monday and be here for the Plumber and possibly the Electrician.

Finally the benchtop guys turn up at 4.15pm and it took them just over an hour to install the new benchtop. Probably good the plumber didn't hang around as he would have had a loooooong day! LOL The kitchen guys didn't supply the sink that we wanted, so the benchtop guys just cut the hole. I'm hoping the sink fits in when they bring it back on Monday!

So after a long and worrisome day, we have a new benchtop and a new dishwasher installed, but no sink and the stove hasn't been put back properly or hooked up. Looks like a weekend of BBQing or takeaway!

I'll keep you updated. :D



misteejay said...

Hope you are able to enjoy your weekend and that everything gets sorted on Monday.

Toni :o)

Jackie xxx said...

Oh no Winnie - was a day you had of it. Hope it gets sorted this week. But your kitchen is looking good.

Sian said...

Did blogger just eat my comment?

It looks fab. But don't start me on kitchen sounds like they are the same the world over!

Gillian said...

What a pain - poor you. Hope you managed over the weekend with no kitchen sink and that it's all sorted now and yu're enjoying your lovely new kitchen!

Dee said...

No cooker, no sink sounds like a good enough excuse to indulge in some yummy takeaway's Winnie! Your kitchen is looking fab.

Lisa aka 3peaches said...

Hope its all well sorted by now Winnie!



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