Monday, 17 May 2010

The Mystery of the Disappearing Week (and a bit)

Help!!  Something strange has happened here.  My last post was dated 7 May.  Today is 17 May.  What's happened to the ten days in between?!?! 

After a bit of thought, here are my theories:
  1. I was abducted by aliens and have lost ten days of my life while they poked and prodded me and possibly took me back to their home planet.
  2. A spell was cast over me, putting me to sleep for ten days only to be woken up by a kiss from my Prince Charming.
  3. I was drugged, kidnapped and held in some secret place for an undisclosed ransom sum. It's taken ten days for the police to find and rescue me.
  4. I stumbled into a time portal and I've been catapulted ten days into the future.
  5. I was hypnotised and held in a trance for ten days.
Erm . . . 

Okay, okay!  So none of the above theories sound all that probable!  Here's the real reason:  I still haven't managed to catch up on my sleep, nor have I managed to develop a regular sleeping pattern, so I'm still a walking zombie.  And just as ugly.  LOL
I also seem to have lost all enthusiasm and motivation to do anything except eat and sleep.  Even the arrival of my melting pot PLUS a couple of other stash deliveries at the end of last week did not rouse me from my apathy/ indifference/trance (whatever you want to call it).

The kitchen still isn't finished but more on that in the next post.

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon.  Hopefully.  Soon.



sutty said...

Oh Winnie - I hope you get your sleep sorted out soon...all that stash and a melt pot to play with...I'll send you over some of my scrapping mojo :) which I seem to have in abundance at the moment :)

misteejay said...

Oooooooo Winnie, how awful when you have all that lovely stash waiting to be played with. Hope you catch up on some proper sleep soon.


Toni :o)

Sandra said...

I hope you feel better soon and get your sleep pattern into a routine. On the plus side though, look at all the yummy stash you've got to play with when you're back to be you again :)

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