Thursday, 2 September 2010

TILT - Things I Love Thursday

A recent blog post by Shimelle contained a link to a scrapbooker by the name of Joy Madison. I quite like her scrapbooking style and I'm really taken with her heartfelt and very honest blog posts.

Last Thursday she restarted her weekly posts, TILT - Things I Love Thursday. She invited others to participate too and I've put my hand up. It sounds like a wonderful thing to do and I might even incorporate some things I'm grateful for as well as things I love. TILT is going to be great therapy for me as I really do need to be reminded of the things I love and am grateful for rather than continually dwelling on the things I hate or things that annoy/frustrate me.

If you want to participate too - pop on over to Joy's blog, let her know and she'll add you to the list!

So, for my first TILT post*, here is what I love:

(Click for larger view)

Of course, it's my hubby - Gus!!

I've known Gus now for 11 years and we've been married for 9 of those 11 years. He is a gentle, caring man who loves me unconditionally - which makes it easier for him to put up with my ever changing moods! He has taught me to be optimistic rather than pessimistic; to think logically and practically instead of emotionally (although I definitely need heaps more practice with this one!); to see things from a different point of view; and reminds me to remain grounded when life gets too overwhelming.

Today I love my awesome hubby.

(PS. That's not to say that I don't love him every other day!! I do! LOL)


* Just for clarification, none of these TILT posts will be in any preferential order. They'll be in order of whatever I can think up on the day! LOL


Sian said...

I'm all for learning to stop and appreciate what we have - this is a wonderful idea and I enjoyed reading your first contribution.

Allycat x said...

Thanks for the link and love the LO!

sutty said...

Great LO Winnie, beautiful sentiments too :)


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