Wednesday, 8 September 2010

An Award and Bubble Tea Explanation

I got this fabulous award from Hannah, a lovely girl I met over on UKS.

As a recipient of the award, I have to:
  1. Thank the person who gave me the award - thanks Hannah, you're such a sweetie!! *hugs*
  2. Place it on my blog ----> over there and down a bit with all the other awards!
  3. List 3 things about myself. Hmm ... okay this is a little harder as I've already told you guys heaps of things about myself with the two other awards I've won!! Well, here goes:

    • I am 5'7" or 172cm tall.
    • I am currently in the strong grip of an insane craving for banana bread.
    • I have only ever received one driving infringement notice - I stupidly drove though a red light camera without realising it was there!

  4. Post a picture that I love. This one!

    I love this picture because it's the only time my dogs have ever cuddled up together. Normally Pepper doesn't like getting up-close-and-personal with Falcon, and they'll often sleep in totally separate places, so seeing this was a real treat! Getting it on camera was even better!!!
  5. Pass the award on to 5 deserving bloggers. Right, I'll pass the award onto:
    • Kat - one of my UKS teamies. I love her work - always so detailed and gorgeous to look at!
    • Jackie - another of my UKS teamies. She amazes me with the amount of layouts she accomplishes each month, even when she goes away on holidays!
    • Ally - who amazes me with all the gorgeous cards she makes, even when under the weather!
    • Toni - Who makes UKS CCs so much fun!
    • Jo - who has my total respect because she gave her daughter tickets to Wicked. What an awesome mother!!! LOL

Now, onto today's explanation: 


Many of you have indicated that you have no idea what Bubble Tea is. Well, let me explain. Bubble Teas were created in Taiwan. They are a mix (usually cold) of sweet milk tea generally flavoured with fruit (eg. mango, coconut, lychee, and our favourite - taro), and to which small balls of tapioca jelly (called boba) are added. Here's the Wiki explanation if you want to read up more about it! They are divine, especially on a warm summer day, but can be enjoyed anytime. I do believe they are available in USA and London - just look for a Bubble Tea Cafe or stall! If you haven't tried one - go on, I dare you! :D Then come back and tell me what you think. LOL

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for TILT! :D



misteejay said...

Congrats on getting another award - and thank you for passing it to me **big grin**

The bubble teas sound interesting so I'll have to look out for them - promise to let you know what I think...if I ever find them LOL

Toni :o)

Jenny said...

I don't think Bubble Tea has hit the UK just yet, but if I find some I promise I'll try it! Congrattas for the award too :) xx

Sian said...

Now, that would be quite a dare for me because I used to loathe tapioca in school dinners and I kind of suspected that's what a bubble tea entailed! Definitely sounds like an interesting taste.

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