Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Antique Store Fun!

I admit it. I've never really been interested in antiques or second-hand goods, so have tended to stay away from such stores or markets. On the weekend however, I discovered that I have been completely depriving myself of the fun and enjoyment which comes from browsing antique stores!

We've been looking for a round mirror to go above our fireplace and we figured Antique stores might be a good place to start as we don't really want a modern looking one. So we headed up to Blackheath to the large Antique store there. Wowsers! The store was filled from floor to ceiling with loads of wonderful goodies! Furniture, homewares, knick-knacks, clothing - everything (and more!) was represented. It was awesome!

We flipped through old 80s records, exalting and cringing accordingly. Gus came across an old Canon camera and spent some time trying to figure out how it worked. We paged through tattered books on Signal Flags and Anatomy from the 1930s and 40s. I gingerly fingered some absolutely gorgeous dresses from the 1950s. We laughed at fluoro-orange furniture and homewares from the 1960s. We puzzled over the function of unusual items. We marvelled at 100 year old guns, wondering if they still worked.

Three hours later, we stumble out of the shop, exhausted! We didn't find a mirror, but I did get this gorgeous box/travel case.

Gus thought that I matched the case with my vintage looking hat, scarf and cardigan, so I made him take a photo. What do you think? I can just picture myself standing at a railway station waiting for the old steam train to take me to places unknown!! LOL

The actual antiquity of the box/case is definitely up for debate, but it doesn't bother me one iota. It's beautiful as is and it makes a fantastic place to store my mini-books. If I ever make enough to fill it that is. LOL

I wish I could show you all the other items we looked at but unfortunately photography was not allowed and there were security cameras all over the shop. :( Never mind. I'm sure you can imagine it!



Sandra said...

sounds like the perfect shop, I'm sure you'll be back to visit more often. But I'm just loving what you bought. I'm sure it will look good with your mini books, but have to say - it looks rather good with you too LOL.

misteejay said...

What a fabulous find - enjoy it (whatever its age).

I think you look as if you should be making your way to board one of those old Trans-european steam trans that passed through umpteen countries on its journey. Lovewly pic, which I look forward to seeing scrapped.

Toni :o)

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