Saturday, 24 July 2010

Oh my! Stash Delivery Ecstasy

It's stocktake sale time in Aus and I've been having a ball going through all my favourite scrapping stores and buying up big. I know that my recent teeny pay rise probably wouldn't even cover half of ONE order, but I am so helpless when I see "__% off" emails/signs. LOL

So, here are the first three orders that have arrived over the past week.

The first one was absolutely huge!! Here are the papers:

Here is the rest of the order:

The second order was a bit smaller and was just paper with a Sakura pen as well:

This shop I bought from have a freebie every week for lucky person and yours truly received the freebie this time, yay!! And what a fantastic freebie - a huge lot of chipboard shapes from Scrapware. Chipboard heaven!! LOL

Finally, I received a huge order of ribbons that are all absolutely divine!

"So, are we going to be seeing any of that gorgeous stash on any layouts anytime soon?!?" I hear you ask. Short answer? No.

Not until I'm done stroking. LOL



misteejay said...

Bliss...all that stash to stroke. Enjoy the moment before you start making in-roads into it.

I'm waiting for this coming weekend when there is a 30% off members weekend at Barleylands - I'll be there bright and early (good job it is payday that Friday LOL)

Toni :o)

Jo said...

You've got me drooling Winnie, it's all gorgeous I'll look forward to seeing it on some layouts in about a year I'm guessing lol. Enjoy it x

Lisa said...

Lovely lovely lovely!!!!such a lovely haul of stash and well deserved too! xxx

Ally said...

Wow. That's a fantastic stash haul. Happy stroking!

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

wowee Winnie that's a serious amount of shopping (soo jealous) the chipboard looks gorgeous.

Alison said...

Blimey! What a fantastic shopping haul. I particularly love the look of that freebie chipboard. Enjoy!

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