Monday, 26 July 2010

Inaugural Monday Giggles

Welcome to my new weekly post - Monday Giggles!

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to laugh more (see THIS layout). Okay, so it's taken me seven months to actually do anything about my resolution, but by now you should know that I tend not to do things in a timely manner. "Last Second" (forget the Last Minute, I'm down to the Last Second now!) seems to have become my middle name. LOL

So, I came up with the idea of having a regular weekly post containing something that will make me (and hopefully all of you) laugh - ESPECIALLY on a Monday as Monday-itis has been rampant of late. Monday Giggles will include videos, cartoons, funny photos, jokes etc. If you have an idea or something funny, by all means let me know and I can include it in future posts.

Without further ado, I present to you the video that sparked the idea of Monday Giggles. Enjoy!

Come back next Monday for some more giggles!


1 comment:

misteejay said...

Now if something like that was to happen on the London Underground that would really brighten my day LOL

Toni :o)

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