Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Dusting Off the Copics

My UKS friend, Toni, has been doing a bit of colouring on her blog, and that reminded me of what I did this past weekend.

In November 2009, as a reward for achieving a particularly difficult goal I set for myself, I bought myself the complete set of 144 Copic Ciao pens.

After lots of oohing and ahhing and lots of photographs of the pretty colours, I put them safely away to be used when I had the time.

And that is where they have sat for the past 7 months.

Until this week!

Having spent soooo much money on them, I couldn't let them just sit and gather dust, so I pulled out the two boxes, dusted them off and gingerly lifted the box lids. The pens were still nice and shiny and were begging me to use them.

So I did. I stamped a CC Designs stamp with Memento Tuxedo Black Ink onto a piece of cardstock (not the best, but I'm still waiting for some X-press It Blender Card to arrive) and started colouring in following an online tutorial that was using the same stamp.

I think I have a lot more practising to do before my shading will look any good, but what do you think?



Lelly said...

Winnie your shading and colouring look fab. I have almost a full set of copics too - hardly used. Can you direct me to the link you used

Sandra said...

I wouldn't say too much more practice was needed Winnie, I think you've pretty much got the nack down to an art .... it's fabulous.

Amanda said...

I think that looks great already. I always find hair tricky. I can't believe you have the whole set and didn't use them for that long.

misteejay said...

Aww Winnie she looks so cute - she's lovely.

Don't be too hard on yourself about the delay in starting to use your Copics - moving home doesn't exactly promote "sitting down quietly", does it?

Toni :o)

channah said...

i dont know if you know....but....SOMEONE STOLE HER MOUTH!!!!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH
jokes - thats awesome - so talented winnie

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