Thursday, 13 January 2011

Spare a Thought . . .

... for the Queensland flood victims.

I've been watching the television coverage of the floods over the past two nights and it's been heartbreaking. I lived in quite a few different areas of Queensland for part of my childhood and know and even lived in some of the towns affected by the floods. I have relatives and family friends living in Queensland and thankfully they're all safe and unaffected by the floods, although some of them came quite close!

It will take a while for the floodwaters to subside, and even longer for so many people to get their lives back together again. I cried when I saw that somebody's ENTIRE house had been swept off its foundations and was being carried along on the floodwaters. To find your house full of water and mud is one thing. To find your entire house three towns down river would be even more devastating!

The one encouraging thing about Australians is their incredible courage and strength in the face of disasters such as these. We are not a country immune to natural tragedies, but the way we face the aftermath and the caring and support of the rest of the country unaffected by the disaster is really uplifting.

To this end, some wonderfully creative and crafty people have set up an Etsy shop in order to help raise funds for those in need. Check it out here. There are some lovely pieces of jewellery, some great looking handmade clothes and other wonderful bits and pieces that would all love to find a home.

An alternative to buying something handmade is to make something yourself and forward it on. Sharryn Thompson has started the Rising Waters Flood Appeal blog and is asking for people to contribute a scrapbook layout (without photos of course so the recipient can add their own), or a card or some other hand made gift. I remember something similar was done for the Victorian Bushfire victims and it was very well received.

At the very least, will you join me in sending some prayers to God for all those affected by the floods? Thank you.



misteejay said...

We have been following this from the UK and the photos that have appeared in the Press are heartbreaking.

My thoughts & prayers are with those affected.

Toni xx

Sandra said...

My heart breaks when I see the pictures on tv - I just can't imagine the pain.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I will join you in prayer for the flood victims.

Dee . . . . . said...

Everyone is in my prayers Winnie - I've seen the TV coverage and I agree it is totally heartbreaking. The Etsy shop and Appeal Blog are great ideas to help raise funds - I will check them out.

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