Thursday, 3 June 2010

Wickedly Obsessed

It's official.

I. Am. Obsessed. 

With WICKED the musical, that is. LOL

I saw the Sydney production just over ten days ago now, and not a day has passed without some reference to Wicked, a marathon listening to the Wicked soundtrack or an internet session searching for Wicked websites.  Hmm . . . that's obsessed, don't you think?!?

Further evidence:
  • I play the songs incessantly.  If not through the stereo or computer, then they're playing in my head.  Possibly even in my dreams!  Even now I'm playing it as I write this post!  My only gripe is that there isn't an Australian Cast Recording. I think they did it better than the Broadway Cast, but then I could be biased. ;)
  • When watching the musical, the storyline didn't sit right with me, and I discovered that the book is quite different.  Therefore, I ordered the original Wizard of Oz novel by L. Frank Baum, the original Wicked novel AND the sequel, Son of Witch, both by Gregory Maguire. The Gregory Maguire books arrived yesterday, but I'm still waiting on the original Wizard of Oz book.

    And yes, the pages really are coloured green and red! LOL
  • I'm going to order the piano and voice music books as soon as I figure out which one I should be getting - there are so many different versions!
  • I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Wicked: The Complete Book and Lyrics to the Broadway Musical by Winnie Holzman (but I have a long wait as it's not expected here until October. *cry* ).
  • Last Friday, Gus and I spent pretty much the whole morning going through YouTube and watching all the videos we could about Wicked.  Primarily the ones showing the Australian production and cast, but we also stumbled upon the German production which was absolutely fantastic, despite being all in German!
  • I've also been scouring the net for pictures of Wicked and stumbled upon DeviantArt which has some absolutely amazing fan art that people have created and uploaded.  I've spent HOURS just trawling through all the great stuff on there.  Here's just a taste:

    (Click to see all this awesome artwork.
    All Copyright belongs to the individual DeviantArtist.)

    On DeviantArt, I also stumbled upon this:

    (Click to go to the artists' download page)

    A Wicked Digiscrapping kit - woo hoo!  The first thing that popped into my head when I saw this was "I've got to do a mini-book"!!!  Hmm . . . if it goes the way of my other mini-book ideas, it could be a while before anything is produced!  I'll keep you posted.  LOL

    I'm not sure if there are any physical Wicked or Wizard of Oz scrapbook supplies out there, but I'm not fussed.  Anything green or white (or yellow!) will probably do the trick.  LOL
  • And finally, yesterday I took a quick trip to Town Hall Train Station during my lunchbreak, specifically to take photos of all the Wicked promotional posters plastered all over the Station walls (oh, and also to meet hubby for lunch LOL).  Sorry for the bad quality of these photos.  I had to take them on my mobile camera because I forgot to take my other camera, doh!
    (click to see the bigger photos)

So, in light of all the above evidence, do you too think I'm obsessed?  LOL

Before I leave you and head up the Yellow Brick Road (or is that shiny, silver train tracks) towards the Emerald Pastures [of home], I thought you might like to see my alternate persona - I really am a WITCH LOL



misteejay said...

Ummmm, obsessed? of course LOL

What a fun website but I only got to level two on the game. Love your new avatar over on UKS.

Toni :o)

Sandra said...

LOL ... I'd say you have just a slight obsession LOL. Now I feel bad though, as I've never seen it, nor know anything about it - guess I'll be doing the YouTube route now. :)

Sian said...

I just love it when I find out something totally new and unexpected about a person! This was great fun to read Winnie.

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