Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Colour in Winter - A Photo Safari

I was inspired to do something different this weekend by Color Me Katie's walk around her Brooklyn neighbourhood.

Thus was born my "Colour In Winter" Photo Safari!

Gus and I have wanted to do a Photo Safari for ages. We never really got around to doing it in our old Sydney suburb, and being in the Mountains seems much more inspiring and interesting than where we used to live. When I saw Katie's photographs, I immediately thought of all the wonderful sights in the village and just had to embark on this little adventure.

Since it's winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, I thought it would be a great challenge to walk around the local neighbourhood and find "Colour in Winter". Much to my surprise (and delight!), I found heaps more photo opportunities than I had initially imagined! (In fact I took over 100 photos and it's taken me quite a while to go through them and pick out the best ones!) :D

So, Gus and I set off early on the Queen's Birthday holiday Monday and we were both so excited that we didn't even feel the freezing cold 5C temperature! It was a gorgeously sunny morning, which really helped us to get some great photos AND keep us warm. LOL

Anyway, that's enough chatter.  Let's see how much colour we found on this gorgeous winter day, shall we??

Beautiful red tinged leaves on a succulent hiding in my front garden:

A tree standing tall against the deep azure sky:

An old green truck:

A red hydrant cover:

Watch out - School Zone!!

Brightly coloured street signs:

A mural in a bus stop shelter:

Autumn coloured leaves still clinging on:

A purple building!

Oranges in The Deli (our breakfast stop):

Faeries in the toy shop window:

Santa Claus!  Just in time for Christmas in July celebrations!

Bunting at the markets:

Go Socceroos!!
(Despite the fact that I am NOT a soccer fan of any sort, I am still refusing to acknowledge the awful/embarrassing/depressing thrashing they received on Monday at the hands of Germany.  Hopefully they will do better next game! LOL)

Mug display in the gift shop window:

A Japanese Garden mural:

Yellow footings on the construction site fencing:

Quick!  Better move the car - parking police!!

Shop signs:

New shoots:

A pink Galah!

Confused Jonquils flowering at the beginning of winter?!?!

Footprints in pink paint!

Spiky red/green leaves:

Green school gates:

And finally, all the pretty flowers we encountered along the way that refused to be defeated by a little cold weather!

So that's it! Thanks for joining us on our Photo Safari of the local area to find Colour in Winter.  I think we were pretty successful, don't you?!? :D



Lisa aka 3peaches said...

Gorgeous pics Winnie :-D


Jenny said...

Looks fab darlin. Good choice of photo's and great taste in blog design ;)

sutty said...

Beautiful shots winnie - love your azure blue sky - that is one of my favourite colours! You'll have to do it again...will you get any snow?

Jackie xxx said...

Absolutely Fabulous, these are just stunning. Well done.

Hannah said...

Great pics, lots of colour considering you're in winter! :)

misteejay said...

What fab photos Winnie. Isn't it amazing the amount of colour you can find when you actually go out looking for it.

I wish the Socceroos better luck in their coming games.

Toni :o)

Alison said...

Just gorgeous photos, Winnie! I think you probably had to adopt some funny angles to get a few of those shots, lol!

heatherblossom said...

totally awesome, so many gorgeous photographs there to scrap!

Dee said...

Beautiful photo's winnie . . . . looks a fun way to spend the day!

hannahk said...

Winnie this is such a great idea ~ love the pictures

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