Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Another New Hat?!?!

Nah, not really! This is my colleague's hat. Long story, but she leant it to me to wear because I was going to lunch with Gus and I looked good in it when I tried it on. Plus it matched my dress perfectly. LOL

The little wooden butterfly is gorgeous. She's really into butterflies and apparently she brought this one from a wood souvenir shop near where I live. I know the shop and love walking through it smelling the wood and wishing I had money to buy the gorgeous furniture and homewares there! Who knows, I might just pick up a butterfly for myself too. :D

But back to why I was wearing the hat. Today I headed into the city to meet Gus, picking up some really yummy pasta and chocolate dipped strawberries from David Jones (DJs) Food Hall for lunch before heading over to Hyde Park to bask in the sun as it was an absolutely gorgeous day. Sorry, no pictures of the pasta - too hungry! LOL Here's a strawberry though - or half a one!

I could have sat there all day, and quite possibly lay down to have a nap too, but eventually we had to go back to work (booo). Our departure from our idyll was also hastened by a huge mob of school kids who had descended on the park behind where we were sitting. >:(

I love these gorgeous sunny winter days! Bliss!

Oh, and it was a wonderful hat. Very warm. Very trendy! I might just have to get one myself. LOL



Amanda said...

Nice hat and I think you should treat yourself to a butterfly :)

misteejay said...

(if you end up with two of these comments it's because the PC went 'wonk')

Super hat - you should treat yourself to one and perhaps a butterfly too.

Seems strange seeing you dressed for winter just as summer seems to have finally arrived over here. Very hot today but also felt stormy.

Toni :o)

Lisa said...

Yes, you must get a hat too! it really suits you and ooh Strawbs!!! good job its wimbledon over here! i can eat them for England lol xxx

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