Thursday, 24 June 2010

Australia's First Female Prime Minister

I don't normally like getting into politics as it often results in me just getting angry and annoyed! But I thought this was a special occasion (and probably will be a one off).

Australia now has its first FEMALE Prime Minister. Woo hoo!! See newspaper reports here.

I'm really excited that we finally have a woman in the top job, but I will admit I'm not overly impressed as she is still a Labor candidate and I'm very much of Liberal bent. :D

Chalk this one up for the girls. Go Julia! LOL



Lisa aka 3peaches said...

Wow! I've just seen our international news! congrats to the lady of the hour me thinks!

and lucky you going to see 'Wicked' again!!! hope you have a fabbity fab time too


misteejay said...

It will be interesting to see what this Lady does during her time in office.

Toni :o)

Sandra said...

I read this too, this morning on the bbc website - I think it will be an interesting time.

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