Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thankful Thursdays

Today I'm thankful for the opportunities that we've had to take all three babies (two-legged and four-legged!) for walks this week. The weather has been beautiful, sunny and strangely warm for this time of year, so we've taken advantage of this and we've managed to take them out three times this week. That's three times more than the poor dogs have been out for at least a month!! We've all enjoyed the walks, although the two-legged baby hasn't noticed much as she was fast asleep for all three walks! LOL

Please excuse the poor quality of the above photo. I forgot to take the camera and the photo was taken on Gus' mobile, which isn't that crash hot. I can fix it, but right now I'm too tired, brain dead and generally can't be bothered and you get the idea of what story the photo is conveying anyway, I hope! Oh, and if you're wondering where the two-legged baby is, wonder no more (LOL):

Other things I've been thankful for this week:
  • a delightful pizza lunch and catch up with friends at work, and a chance to show off Jasmine.

  • successfully managing to take Jasmine out for one full day, which included ensuring that we were in the vicinity of a Shopping Centre Parents Room or other appropriate place for feed times!

  • glorious Spring-type weather in the middle of Winter - go figure.

  • decreased frequency of feeds, which has resulted in at least half-an-hour or so more of rest/sleep between feeds, yay! Some semblance of sanity has been returned to both Gus and myself. LOL

  • increased acceptance of the fact that Jasmine isn't going to grow an extra head or have all her limbs drop off just because I've had to feed her on the bottle. (Only kidding - I'm hugely exaggerating my distrust of formula feeds. I do realise that formula isn't that bad. I myself was a formula fed baby and I turned out okay...I think! LOL)
So tell me what have you to be thankful for today. I'd love to know!



Beverly said...

Great thankful thoughts esp feeling more comfortable about the formula feeding :) My biggest one today is that my lunch date was cancelled....strange to be thankful, right? But it was stressing me out bec it was going to be a 3 hr chunk of my day and I have so much I need to do. Also I can now surprise Baby Boy with a quick lunch at his favorite hot dog place :)

Jimjams said...

Glad that you've had the weather for walks - does Jasmine like it in the pouch? We always found the babes would fall asleep in there and then wake up when you tried to extricate yourself!
I'm thankful for paracetamol today - I have (had) a headache!

Sandra said...

Lovely to hearvhow you're getting on, and glad to hear it's all good :)

misteejay said...

So glad the weather is being kind to you at the moment - we are getting lots of wet here.

I am thankful for my crafting as it continues to widen my experiences with new ideas to try and techniques to learn.

Toni xx

Sian said...

I had to bottle feed mine because of medication I was taking - they seem to be turning out just fine :) Don't worry one bit!

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