Monday, 8 August 2011

Monday Giggles

Good morning and welcome to another Monday Giggles.

We live in such a complicated world, don't we? When things go wrong or don't go as we expect them to, it can cause so much grief. Can you sympathise (or shake your head in disbelief!) with some of these modern day "annoyances"?


  • 10 minutes into the Harry Potter midnight premier, my contact ripped.

  • The free Wi-Fi on my bus is not working today, so I’m having to check emails using 3G.

  • The coffee table in my lounge blocks the signal between the TV and the remote. I have to lift my arm to change channels.

  • My mom stole my Facebook status, so I had to delete mine. She got more likes than I did.

  • My dishwasher is too loud. I can’t hear my soap opera.

  • I asked my mum to buy me the SCENTED moisturiser, but she got the ‘fragrance free’ one, so now I have to smell normal.

  • I burnt my finger on my Foreman grill while cooking a thick ribeye, and now it hurts to use my iPad.

  • The cafeteria at my work stopped using bendy straws, so now I have to drink my soda through a boring old regular straw.

  • I hate it when I’m putting port wine cheese on my cracker and the cracker breaks.

  • I bought the cheapest toaster I could find. Now I have to tear the crusts off of the bread so the bread will fit in the toaster.
Source: My Rough Life



misteejay said...

Happy Monday Winnie - these were a mix of giggles & head shaking. Have a good week.

Toni xx

Sandra said...

I did giggle at the coffe table & remote, as I moan about that here too lol. Happy Monday to you

Beverly said...

thanks for the giggles, always a nice way to start my Mondays :)

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